Youth Girls Lax: NC 6 Red Outlast Westport 8-7 in Rain

—submitted by Darleen Ferraro

Not only did NC Grade 6 Red drench Westport on Saturday, May 13th, winning 8-7, the fields, fans, coaches and refs got drenched too.

Katherine O’Connell slamming the ball into the net for her second goal of the day.

The girls decided to let the rain work in their favor as they took charge of the wet field from the very moment the whistle blew to start the game. Katherine O’Connell must have had on her “lucky” green raincoat since she dominated the field and took away 2 goals for the day and 2 assists.

Polly Parsons-Hills also effortlessly took the field by storm by scoring two goals. Shawna Ferraro and Stella Nolan helped lead the team to a victory with each scoring a goal and having an assist. Caroline Langford and Caroline Underwood crashed the net a few times and walked away with 1 goal each.

Shawna Ferraro ready to catch a pass before charging to the net for a goal.

Reagan Bailey, Tessa Cosco, Grace Crookenden, and Ella Imbruce were stellar in attack and helped the offensive line by making quick passes and many shots on goal to help keep NC up on top the whole game.

Katharine Byrne and Molly Reed ran like lightening up and down the field as middie and amazingly stayed on their feet and didn’t succumb to the slippery turf.

Abby Richardson charging downfield taking on many defensemen.

The defensive line was solid as ever. Kate Barnard, Katherine Caione, Nola Kammerer, Abby Richardson, Izzy Schuh and Kate Warner gave 100 percent effort by keeping Westport out of scoring range.

They doubled up, stole balls away and startled the Westport players with their great defending voices. Katherine Wronski was cold and wet from the rain pouring down on her, but managed to keep her stick skills and save a bunch of shots to keep Westport from getting ahead of NC Red. Another great game for these girls!

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