Letter: Mature Trees Cut Down at Merritt Village Project 

The eastern white pine in the photo will be cut down this week. The pine tree sits on the Park Mead North condominium property. When I asked Park Mead’s property manager, Westford Property Management, the reason for cutting down the tree, I was told that the removal of this standalone pine is due to the current weakness of the tree, probably accelerated by Merritt Village’s decision (the adjoining property owner) to remove all of their trees, which acted as a buffer or windshield that protected the eastern white pine in the past. When you remove a large number of trees to clear a site for construction, you expose the remaining trees to new conditions. Sudden increases in amounts of sunlight and wind will shock many of the remaining trees.

Letter: New Canaan Teen Endorses Kit Devereaux for First Selectman ‘Because of How She Treated Me’

Dear Editor,

I’m 17 so I can’t vote in the upcoming election, but if I could I’d vote for Kit. I met Kit at St. Mark’s Church where we are both parishioners, but we really became friends on a tour of historic barns in town. I was the only kid on the tour, and she noticed me taking pictures of the barns and drawing in a sketchbook. She took an interest in me and my work.