Parks Officials Vote 11-0 To Support New Canaan Softball’s Proposal To Plant Trees by ‘Orchard Field’ at Waveny

Parks officials last week voted unanimously in favor of a youth sports organization’s proposal to fund and help plan for the planting of trees by a softball field in Waveny. An iconic tree located behind the backstop at the “Orchard Field” at Waveny recently came down, prompting New Canaan Softball parents to plan for its replacement, according to Jeff Fortmann, a town resident and father of two children who serves on the organization’s board and who swam short-distance events in the early-1990s for the New Canaan Y team. “That tree was beloved,” Fortmann told members of the Parks & Recreation Commission at their regular meeting, held Oct. 14 via videoconference. Softball parents consulted with Recreation Director Steve Benko and Parks Superintendent John Howe, and have developed a plan to raise $5,000 toward purchase of trees.

‘O Jogo Bonito’ Uplifts Players and Parents as NCFC ’06-’07 Boys Start the Season 4-0

Sports can be such a wonderful distraction.  And in times like these we all need something beautiful, to take our collective and individual minds off of our concerns and worries, and to remind us that, yes—there is joy in this world. 

We pause to take in the simplest gift that nature has bestowed on us these past four weekends—one pictured at right. The glorious sun beaming over the leafy trees as they begin to change over to their autumnal shades. The greenest of natural grass laid out like a carpet for young boys to meet and play, as Pele made famous, “the beautiful game.” The vigor of our youth, cheered on for a taste of the valor and glory of sport. So simple, so wonderful, so beautiful. So, please let me take a stab—at something really beautiful that our boys have given us these past four weeks in their victories…not a highlight of goals scored, or a recounting of how they won the games, but instead my adaptation of Frank Sinatra’s “You Can’t take that Away From Me” (play it while reading, embed below):


There are many many crazy things that will keep us cheering for you
And with your permission, may I list a few? Coach Meaghan– the way you wear your hat,
Oliver Sturn, Ben Bognon—the way you stop those free…
The memory of ALL THAT
No, No they can’t take that away from me…
Will Arnold, Rogan Lowe—the way your kick just beams,
Teddy Ansaldi, Ollie Carr, Harry Cullen—the way you pass so key. Dylans Rees and Ho and Snell – the way you play, such dreams!

NCHS, Area Schools Plan Fall 7-on-7 Football League

New Canaan High School’s athletic director is working with counterparts through the FCIAC to develop a 7-on-7 football league that’s in line with state health recommendations, the superintendent of schools said Monday night. The non-contact intramural league could include “linemen’s challenge type activities and even linemen 7-on-7 kinds of things,” Dr. Bryan Luizzi told members of the Board of Education during their regular meeting, held in the Wagner Room at NCHS and broadcast on YouTube. “That is aligned with DPH recommendations, because the 7-on-7 that is non-contact brings it from a ‘high risk’ activity to a ‘moderate risk’ activity,” he said. “Which is the same as some of the other sports we are playing now, with the mitigation strategies—like volleyball with the masks, for instance. So the league would use our district coaches, have teams of approximately 15 players and they would play against each other in the beginning, and even against other schools.

Town To Re-Examine Use of Pesticides on Playing Fields 

At Selectman Kathleen Corbet’s prompting, the town plans to re-examine a longstanding policy whereby pesticides are used on some of New Canaan’s athletic fields. First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said last week that it’s “entirely appropriate we revisit this topic.”

“It’s one I know very little about and I think the fact that we now have turf fields has changed things,” Moynihan said during the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. 8 meeting, held via videoconference. 

“And I also don’t know quite what role the Fields Committee should play in this versus Parks & Recreation versus the Town Council, so we’ll further analyze this. I know [Public Works Director] Tiger [Mann] and [Parks Superintendent] John Howe have their own views on this topic. So we will bring this back when we investigate some of those other points of contact as to who has responsibility for this policy.”