12 NCHS Student-Athletes Sign Letters of Intent To Play Sports in College 

Twelve New Canaan High School seniors on Wednesday signed commitment or “likely” letters to play sports in college starting next year. 

NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan said during the school’s annual ceremony for the student-athletes that “it’s important for you to realize what you’ve accomplished and the people who have helped you—your parents, your coaches, anybody else who has supported you.”

“And most importantly, the things that you have sacrificed in order to get where you are,” Egan said as the ceremony got underway in the Wagner Room at NCHS. “So I think today is the day for that type of reflection. I’d also like to add, from New Canaan High School Athletics, for those of you that played multiple sports and if you haven’t played multiple sports, we really appreciate all that you have given to New Canaan High School Athletics. It really makes our program what it is, that you’re selfless in giving your time and effort.”

Friends and family attended the ceremony, where the student-athletes posed for photos and received a pen to mark the day. 

We asked the student-athletes why they chose their future schools, and put their responses next to photos where provided. Please note that two seniors, Kathryn Norton (Dartmouth, lacrosse) and Devon Russell (Boston College, lacrosse) had photos taken early so they could board the bus with the NCHS Girls Soccer team, which advanced in the state playoffs.

‘I Love the Challenge’: The Rigor of New Canaan Multi-Sport Athletes 

NBA players have 192 days in their off-season. The NFL has 242. These are days, weeks, and months of rest and recovery that many athletes need to perform their best. 

Yet for many high school athletes, this is not the case. 

These athletes don’t have any days off. They don’t get these precious weeks of rejuvenation between seasons. If they want to reach their dreams and aspirations in multiple sports, these athletes are asked, required, to not lift their foot off the gas until they look up and a new year is beginning.

NCHS Boys Soccer Notches 2-1 Victory Over Ludlowe

In a thrilling soccer match that left fans on the edge of their seats, the New Canaan High School Rams Soccer Varsity team emerged victorious Tuesday with a hard-fought 2-1 win over the formidable Farfield Ludlowe Falcons. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring outstanding performances, incredible teamwork, and remarkable saves that made it an unforgettable contest. Senior Captain and midfielder Augusto Baldini scored both goals for his team, with two crucial assists from Senior Captain and forward Jack Cuda. Josef Gashi, New Canaan’s goalkeeper, had three outstanding saves within a mere five-minute span. 

While the Rams showcased their prowess in offense, their defense was equally commendable. The Falcons applied relentless pressure in the first part of the second half, creating several promising chances.