‘I Love the Challenge’: The Rigor of New Canaan Multi-Sport Athletes 

NBA players have 192 days in their off-season. The NFL has 242. These are days, weeks, and months of rest and recovery that many athletes need to perform their best. 

Yet for many high school athletes, this is not the case. 

These athletes don’t have any days off. They don’t get these precious weeks of rejuvenation between seasons. If they want to reach their dreams and aspirations in multiple sports, these athletes are asked, required, to not lift their foot off the gas until they look up and a new year is beginning.

New Canaan  Community Shows Up for ‘2023 NC Combine’ Benefiting Gracie Fund for Pediatric Cancer [PHOTOS]

New Canaan’s Chris Falsetta told a stadium full of community friends and supporters Sunday morning that his then 12-year-old daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with leukemia almost exactly one year ago, on Oct. 13, 2022. 

Since that time, many people have approached Falsetta and asked how the past year has been, he said. “And I say, ‘It’s been incredible,’ and I usually get puzzled looks,” Falsetta said from midfield at Dunning Stadium under sunny, warm skies minutes before the 2023 N.C. Combine began. “ ‘What do you mean incredible?’ Well, it’s been incredibly tough, right? You know that.

NCHS Recognizes Student-Athletes Who Will Play Division 3 Sports in College

New Canaan High School on Monday recognized more than one dozen seniors who will play Division 3 sports in college starting next year. 

NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan said the school’s annual ceremony is a way to mark and celebrate an achievement for the student-athletes as well as their families, asking those in attendance to recognize the parents who “make this all possible.”

“A lot of car rides and check-writing,”  he told those gathered in the Wagner Room at NCHS for the short ceremony, including the student-athletes, their families, close friends and coaches. Egan also reviewed some statistics regarding Division 3, which came into being 50  years ago, saying it makes up 40% of the total NCAA membership. “Division 3 members provide a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular and extracurricular activities offered,” he said. We asked the student-athletes why they chose their future schools, and put their responses next to photos where provided (students not present include Ben Maden):

Abigayle Bleil

Middlebury College

“I wanted to go there, regardless of whether I was going to be able to swim or not. So I reached out to the coach about a year ago.