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This is our New Canaan news catch-all category—stories about traffic calming, public parks, local weather, human services efforts and other quality of life matters facing New Canaanites.

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Life Changing Work: Documentary Film Producer Leibowitz’s Journey from New Canaan to Netflix

The art of filmmaking resonated with Adam Leibowitz at an early age—during a time when he and his family were living in New Canaan. One family member Leibowitz credits that feeling to is his father Dennis. There were numerous occasions at their home on Turtle Back Road when the elder Leibowitz would have his son watch movies with him—not just the recent releases but the timeless classics, too. “My dad definitely got me interested in older films, especially Alfred Hitchcock’s,” Leibowitz recalled on a recent afternoon. “I remember going to a screening in New York City of a restored version of Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ with him, and I think that was one of the first times I became aware of filmmaking as an art form and could be something I could aspire to do with my life.” Continue Reading →

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New Barn for Donkeys at Nature Center Delayed

The New Canaan Nature Center’s construction of a barn for donated donkeys has been delayed due to pending approval from various town bodies, officials said, but is expected to break ground in the fall. Because the land is owned by the town, more approvals are needed before construction can begin, according to New Canaan Nature Center Executive Director Bill Flynn. “It’s a town-owned property so it’s a lot more complicated than just getting the normal planning and zoning permits,” Flynn told “It requires another level of approval.”

The Board of Selectmen in May unanimously approved an initial request to begin planning construction. However, the Nature Center must gain approval from municipal bodies including Inland Wetlands, Health and Planning & Zoning, he said. Continue Reading →

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Richmond Hill Neighbors Weigh In on Future of ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’

The pending demolition of the Mead Park Brick Barn has drawn polarizing reactions from the community—while preservationists advocate for its historical and cultural value, at least some of those who favor its razing live in the long-vacant building’s immediate area. Amy Wilkinson lives in the townhouse off of Richmond Hill, and said she is “very much anticipating the demolition of the structure” and is “very happy it is finally going to happen. The building is “an eyesore” for residents and “doesn’t have a particular function and it hasn’t for a long time,” she told NewCanaanite on a recent afternoon. According to Sandy Kelly, a relative newcomer tof Richmond Hill Road, the decaying structure has not been actively preserved and has attracted “delinquent behaviors” in some cases. Wilkinson confirmed that there is “a tendency for people to hang out around here.”

According to Chris Orelup of Richmond Hill Road has described the building as an “eyesore” and noted that demolishing up with open up the neighborhood to “an uninterrupted view of Mead Park from Richmond Hill and Grove that will be lovely.”

“I believe that the vast majority of those who actually live in the neighborhood will be very glad to have it gone,” Orelup said. Continue Reading →

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Locals Take to the Outdoors During New Canaan Summer

With the peak of a brutally hot summer upon us, many New Canaan residents in town during these “dog days” are taking advantage of the sunny skies and extended daylight by enjoying the town’s many parks and outside spaces. In addition to Waveny, with its vast lawn and wooded trails, Grace Farms and Kiwanis Park, residents say outdoor dining, downtown New Canaan strolls and visits to other open spaces keep them in touch with each other and Mother Nature. “I love taking walks in town with friends and other babies,” new mom Chelsea Warner on a recent afternoon as she sat with Sara Driscoll at the Mead Park Lodge. Driscoll, a brand new resident, said she also has enjoyed Irwin Park. “It’s really easy to push a stroller in there and it’s a good way to get together with other friends in town, too,” she said. Continue Reading →

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‘A Labor of Love’: Friends of Mead Park Playground Reach Fundraising Goal

New Canaan residents Monica Chimera and Allyson Mahoney, founders of the nonprofit group Friends of Mead Park Playground, have announced that the organization has reached its fundraising goal of over $200,000 for new play equipment at Mead Park. Chimera and Mahoney are working in conjunction with the New Canaan Community Foundation to construct the state-of-the-art playground. The project includes a new main structure, as well as secondary stations, combined with a Poured In Place rubberized surface to replace the mulch currently covering the area. The project will be completed by GameTime. The nearly 20-year-old structure has fallen into disrepair. Continue Reading →

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