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Eversource: New Canaan Residents Can Influence Natural Gas Expansion Plan In Out Years

Following an initial roll-out of natural gas in New Canaan through 2020—a three-phase project starting next year that will see a trunk line come into town from Stamford, up South Avenue to the business district and then out to East School, with nearby residences along the way—property owners themselves can influence just where the utility brings natural gas, officials say. For Eversource—at least through 2024, under a state-backed expansion plan—the question of where in New Canaan the gas lines will go is in some ways a math equation, according to John Ferrelli, the company’s Waterbury-based supervisor of business account services: The cost of installation must be offset by the load delivered. “Customer demand will dictate the path of opportunity beyond the initial outline, as well as new construction and conversions,” Ferrelli told members of the Town Council at their regular meeting. “Future growth potential will be driven by customer interest, customer demand,” Ferrelli said at the July 19 meeting, held at Town Hall. “And that’s where the company will look to expand [starting in 2020]. Continue Reading →

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‘The Whole Process Was Very Smooth’: Dredge for Pond at Lakeview Cemetery

A dredge of one of the ponds at Lakeview Cemetery is wrapping up, a project designed to improve aesthetics and to clear out muck that could lead to green algal blooms.

Launched in response to findings of excessive sedimentation and invasive species in the pond, the dredge represents an eco-friendly investment by the Cemetery Association itself in a property that is deeply important to residents. “Overall, the whole process was very smooth,” Lakeview Cemetery Superintendent Peter Passaro said. “It was a good experience.”

Approved by the town’s Inland Wetlands officials, the project saw in its first stage “suction dredging,” which involves pumping out sediment from the pond and now involves “geotextile tubes,” which replaces water that had been removed. According to the project proposal from Ridgefield-based Pristine Waters LLC: “We believe that [the Lakeview Cemetery] pond is a very good candidate for suction draining … to prevent the buildup of decomposed organic sediment (muck), which would overload the pond with phosphates that lead to greater algae growth. The pond that underwent dredging is in the southeast part of the property—past the veterans’ gravesite area. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

A state Superior Court judge this month denied a request from a New Canaan woman to get out of giving a deposition up in Bethel rather than closer to home. The order from Judge Irene Jacobs came July 3 in the case of a local woman who sustained injuries after slipping in an aisle at Acme (formerly Food Emporium) on Elm Street while going out for ice cream last April. ***

The town on July 18 issued a demolition permit for the former Fowler home at 763 Silvermine Road—a major step for the New Canaan Land Trust in readying the property for its future as the ‘Silvermine Fowler Preserve.’


Town Council Chairman Bill Walbert reported Wednesday night that New Canaan received about 40 resumes in seeking to fill the position of finance director permanently. An initial round of interviews has been held, and the second round will take place later this month, he said. ***

Are you a member of NCHS class of ’77? Continue Reading →

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‘A Tough Struggle’: With Community’s Help, Family To Throw Benefit Concert for New Canaan Woman with ALS

About five years ago, Ann Depuy was close to earning her master’s degree in library science, happily married with two kids, when she began struggling to pronounce certain words. Soon, she was having trouble swallowing. Within one year, the 64-year-old New Canaan resident received a frightening diagnosis: progressive bulbar palsy. A form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, it attacks the nerves in the head and neck areas before affecting the rest of the body. In the years since, Depuy has lost the ability to speak and eat with her mouth, as well as almost all motor function, according to her husband, Warner. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

A White Oak Shade Road resident on Wednesday morning used a spade to kill an apparently sick raccoon that had tussled with a neighbor’s Vizsla. The man had spotted the raccoon stumbling around outside just as his neighbor unknowingly released the Hungarian-breed dog. The Vizsla yelped during the animals’ scuffle and later exposed a second dog inside its owner’s house to the possibility of disease through contact with the raccoon, so they’re both on a 45-day strict home confinement while the dead raccoon’s brain is being tested for rabies, according to Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. Those results should be available this week, she said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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