Did You Hear … ?

TV’s original home improvement show has a webcam on the God’s Acre Greek Revival that made headlines this week when town officials voiced support for a sensitive restoration and rebuilding project. The antique at 4 Main St. is the 2019 “Idea House” for “This Old House” and will track developments there. ***

The peacock seen wandering around Wahackme Road on Monday afternoon is back home, according to police. The exotic bird’s Ponus Ridge owner saw an article about it, and the peacock was located and returned to its pen with three others.

Did You Hear … ?

Bruce Willis—star of Christmas season film favorite “Die Hard”—dropped into Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee on Pine Street on Monday morning for a cup of brew. ***

A sign posted Wednesday on the door at Hamptonite, a women’s fashion boutique that opened on Elm Street in May 2016, says “no sales can be transacted” there due to a sales and use tax permit issue. ***

The man who was arrested earlier this year after filming a woman in a bathroom at Grace Farms while he worked as a chef at the Lukes Wood Road organization, pleaded guilty to four counts of voyeurism, according to Connecticut Judicial Branch records. ***

The Board of Education opened its meeting Monday with a moment of silence for former President George H.W. Bush. ***

Farmers Table on Nov.

‘I Am the Victim Here’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“My daughter and I pulled into this spot both of us never knew it was handicap spot. There were no markings on the road all that was visible to us was the 2 hour parking sign in front of us on the right. The one handicap sign was beyond us when we parked and we never even knew it was a handicap. I’m compelled to let you know there were plenty of other spots to chose from at the time on Elm street and I have never and would never park in a handicap spot intentionally. The fine is very steep.

Group Works To Continue Christmas Eve Caroling at God’s Acre

A group of local volunteers have formed a new entity to ensure that a beloved New Canaan tradition, long supported by some of the town’s most generous individuals and families, continues in perpetuity. Though it may appear to spring up spontaneously from the patch of ground on which New Canaan was founded, the cherished Christmas Eve caroling at God’s Acre is in fact the result of multiple coordinated steps and support from families such as the Hersams and Karls, and residents such as Steve Benko, officials say. With the sale in October of Hersam Acorn Newspapers Inc. to Hearst, the multiple “moving parts” overseen for decades by the former New Canaan Advertiser publishers—getting lights on the tree, printing 2,000 songsheets, setting up barricades and the bandstand and making arrangements for the New Canaan Town Band as well as coordinating with groups such as the Congregational Church of New Canaan, New Canaan Police Department and Department of Public Works—all must fall to new people. Enter Benko, Tucker Murphy, Tom Stadler, Steve Karl, Leo Karl III and Scott Gress. Following multiple multi-hour meetings in recent days, they formed the God’s Acre Caroling Foundation, established to collect donations and ensure that the century-old traditional can continue (see mailing info below).