New Canaan ‘Taste Tours’ Set for Thursday

The creators of a popular food-centered event that’s run for seven years in downtown New Canaan say they’ve reimagined it in a way that focuses the experience for attendees as well as merchants. 

To be held 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday, the New Canaan ‘Taste Tours’ offer four options for food-lovers, featuring signature bites from local restaurants, wine tasting, dessert and craft and draft beer sampling. Designed in partnership with locally owned Rock Paper Scissors Events, the Taste Tours carry on the tradition of welcoming residents back to New Canaan at summer’s end, according to Laura Budd of the Chamber of Commerce. 

“Adults or couples might choose the beer or wine tour, while larger families or anyone not interested in beer endwise could do the tasting and then families with really young kids could do the dessert tour, which is a much smaller footprint,” Budd said. 

Referring to the predecessor ‘Taste of the Town’ event, Budd said the Taste Tours were “customized to different groups as opposed to just one tour for everyone. 

“I think that we are going for a higher quality experience for both the strollers and the merchants who are so generous with their donations,” she said. A portion of all proceeds will go toward the New Canaan Food Pantry. The four Taste Tours options encompass between four and 12 stops, as follows (purchase tickets here):

“Taste Crawl”—up to 12 stops ($15 now or $20 on the day)
“Dessert Dash”—up to four stops ($10/$15)
“Wine Tasting Trail”—up to six stops ($20/$25)
“Beer Tasting Trail”—up to six stops ($20/$25)

Taste Tour-goers will be identified by a wristband that can be picked up in front of The Playhouse on Elm Street. Those buying same-day tickets may do so in front of The Playhouse starting at 5 p.m. The event is on, rain or shine.

‘A Really Nice Way to Be Outside Together’: Outdoor Movie Night at Waveny Returns Friday

A little more than three years ago, town resident Jonathan Breen came up with the idea of hosting a family-friendly outdoor movie night at Waveny Park. 

“I’ve always loved the idea of having outdoor movies,” he told 

“I just reached out to the town and pitched them the idea,” he added. With the blessing of the Recreation Department, Breen said he reached out to a number of sponsors around town. Steve Karl, vicepresident of Sales at Karl Chevrolet—one of the event’s sponsors—said the project has been “a grassroots effort.” “It seemed like a great idea, and over the last few years that we’ve done it it’s really been a nice event,” he said. 

“We actually have a lot of fun,” Karl added, “because there’s a little popcorn stand and it really feels like you’re going to a movie, but it’s a different kind of venue because you’re outdoors.” This year’s free Outdoor Movie Night will take place this Friday, Aug.

Letter on Awareness Vigil: ‘Addiction Thrives on Secrecy and Isolation’

Dear Editor,

I see first-hand the struggles your children, our community, and those surrounding us face with addiction and substance abuse. 

I’m writing to urge New Canaan families to attend the New Canaan Parent Support Group’s 3rd Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil on September 5th. As a Kids In Crisis TeenTalk counselor at New Canaan High School I provide confidential counseling services to students dealing with numerous mental health, academic, social, and family issues. I also participate in the New Canaan Parent Support Group, an organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of substance use in our town.  The New Canaan Parent Support Group, and the upcoming Vigil, are important elements of the response to substance abuse in our town. 

Addiction thrives on secrecy and isolation. Stigma is a huge barrier to treatment for many struggling with addiction and other mental health issues. The Vigil encourages us to challenge this stigma, and instead be vocal about addiction.