Disorderly Conduct Charge for New Canaan Man, 61

Police on Monday night arrested a 61-year-old New Canaan man and charged him with disorderly conduct. At about 8:48 p.m. on April 15, officers were dispatched to a Lambert Road home on a report of a domestic dispute between two occupants of the residence, police said. Following an investigation, the local man was charged with the misdemeanor offense, according to a police report. It isn’t clear what the dispute involved, whether or how the victim is related to the arrested man, whether it turned physical or how badly the victim was hurt—police withheld details, saying it was a domestic matter. Under state law, a person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior; or by offensive or disorderly conduct, annoys or interferes with another person, among other reasons.

Town To Keep ‘No Turn on Red’ at Farm and South

Saying it makes the busy intersection of Farm Road and South Avenue safer, officials determined recently to preserve the ‘No Turn on Red’ signs there. 

Prompted by a New Canaan High School student who observed that about 40 percent of motorists before and after school turned right anyway at the stop lights at Farm and South, Public Works Director Tiger Mann had asked state transportation officials to study the intersection to see whether it might make sense to remove the signs.  Ultimately, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (South Avenue is a state road, Route 124) recommended keeping the signs, as more than 3,000 total vehicles move through the intersection daily at peak times, and more than 75 pedestrians and cyclists, mostly school-aged, walk across some part of the intersection on weekdays. “It was noted that there were more pedestrians crossing the intersection that did not make use of the pedestrian signals, particularly during the afternoon peak hour,” DOT Transportation Engineer Catherine Watras told the town in an email summary of the state’s findings. “These are the peak hours for vehicles, and the turning movement counts indicate even more pedestrians during the peak times for school aged pedestrians due to the elementary, middle, and high schools in the immediate vicinity with requirements for all students residing within certain distances to walk. The intersection falls within those distances for all age groups. Even though the Town authorities have indicated that a policeman is posted at the intersection during the morning and afternoon peak school pedestrian hours, the staggered times for school start and end times already span 45 minutes, resulting in less coverage for either the high school students that begin the school day earlier or the later younger elementary school students.”

Though a three-year crash history of the intersection shows no crashes involved right turns, that’s with the ‘No Turn on Red’ signs already in place (which they have been since 1978), Wattras said.

DUI Charge for New Canaan Man, 54

Police after midnight Sunday arrested a 54-year-old White Oak Shade Road man and charged him with driving under the influence. At about 1:38 a.m. on March 31, an officer on patrol stopped a vehicle that had been traveling southbound on Main Street with an expired registration, according to a police report. The registration had expired in September, the report said. During the stop, the officer detected signs of impairment, and the motorist failed field sobriety tests, it said. At headquarters, the man refused to undergo a test to establish his blood-alcohol level, the report said.


FTA, Motor Vehicle Charges for 33-Year-Old Man

Police on Monday night arrested a 33-year-old Norwalk man by warrant and charged him with second-degree failure to appear. 

At about 11:26 p.m. on March 25, an officer on patrol stopped a car on New Norwalk Road because it had no working marker lights, according to a police report. A check of the driver’s license showed that he was operating with a suspended license, and that Norwalk Police also had issued a paperless re-arrest warrant for him. 

According to Connecticut Judicial Branch records, Norwalk Police in September 2013 had charged the man with driving while under suspension as well as running a stop sign. New Canaan Police also charged the man with driving while under suspension, and cited him for improper rear/marker lamps. 

He was held on $500 bond and scheduled to appear Tuesday in state Superior Court in Norwalk.