Emergency Boiler Replacement at Police Station; Committee Formed To Determine Future Home of NCPD

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan has approved an emergency order for a Danbury-based company to fix a failing boiler at New Canaan Police headquarters, officials say. The boiler was leaking and emitting carbon monoxide into the South Avenue structure, according to Bill Oestmann, superintendent of buildings with the New Canaan Department of Public Works. It’s one of two boilers at the police station, which originally was the first New Canaan High School when it opened in 1927. “The one boiler is carrying the building for the moment,” Oestmann told members of the Board of Selectmen during their regular meeting, held Tuesday via videoconference. “We’d like to make this repair to reseal it before it gets too cold.

Police Release Images of Armed Robbers; Getaway Car Recovered

Police on Thursday morning recovered the vehicle used the day before by two suspects in an armed robbery of People’s Bank downtown, officials say. It was recovered in New Canaan, according to police. Authorities have described the vehicle as a red two-door Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The pair made off with nearly $9,000 in cash, according to police. 

No one was injured. An employee of the Main Street bank phoned 9-1-1 to report the robbery at about 3:58 p.m., jus after it happened, according to Police Lt. Jason Ferraro, public information officer of the New Canaan Police Department.

Police Bring Sexual Assault Charges Against Valley Road Attacker [UPDATED]

[Note: this article was updated at 1:35 p.m. Thursday with specifics of the charges brought by police.]

New Canaan Police on Wednesday brought additional charges against a Norwalk man arrested in May for attempted murder in what authorities called a “random” assault on Valley Road. Mynor Romeo Alvarado-Canahui of 37 Woodward Ave., Apt. A2, was also charged at the time with first-degree assault and first-degree kidnapping after striking a woman with his car as she walked on Valley Road and then, after he was unable to put her into the rear of his vehicle, trying to drown her, according to police. At 10:15 a.m. Thursday, police brought charges of criminal attempt to commit first-degree sexual assault and criminal attempt at first-degree aggravated sexual assault. Already held at Bridgeport Correctional Facility, Alvarado-Canahui has had an additional $1 million added to his bond (already set at $750,000). 

He hasn’t pleaded to the charges and is scheduled to appear Dec. 8 in state Superior Court, according to Connecticut Judicial Branch records.

Police: 40 New Canaan Mailboxes Hit Early Sunday

Police say thieves rifled through dozens of New Canaan mailboxes early Sunday, opening 14 on Main Street and 25 on White Oak Shade Road while stealing mail and a package from a mailbox on Nursery Road. 

At about 6 a.m. on Oct. 18, police following up on a report of a residential mailbox that had been entered on White Oak Shade found others that had been opened, and while nothing immediately was known to be stolen from those, “The theft of mail often leads to financial crimes and identity theft,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said in a press release. “We urge all residents to bring sensitive mail—especially mail that contains checks—to the Post Office rather than leave in an non-secure residential mailbox,” the chief said in the press release. The report of the Nursery Road theft came in around a.m. Sunday, the chief said. News of the illegal entries comes weeks after police arrested two men accused of stealing from four mailboxes on Frogtown Road.

DUI Arrest: 34-Year-Old Man Tests at Twice Legal Limit

Police after midnight Wednesday arrested a 34-year-old Norwalk man and charged him with driving under the influence. 

At about 12:07 a.m. on Oct. 14, an officer on patrol stopped a vehicle traveling north on New Norwalk Road that crossed into the oncoming traffic lane, according to a police report. During the stop, the officer detected signs of impairment and administered field sobriety tests, the report said. The man later tested at .168 blood-alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit, it said. In addition to the misdemeanor DUI charge, police cited him for failure to drive right. 

He was released on $250 bond and scheduled to appear Nov.