Police: Drunk-Driving Charge for Man Clocked at 50 MPH in 30 MPH Zone

Police before dawn Thursday arrested a 35-year-old Greenwich man and charged him with driving under the influence. At about 1:27 a.m. on July 11, an officer on patrol clocked a vehicle traveling northbound on Old Stamford Road at 50 mph in a 30 mph zone, according to a police report. The driver didn’t stop right away, but steered his car onto South Avenue and then turned down Oak Street without signaling, the report said. There, the officer stopped him and detected signs of impairment, it said. The driver failed field sobriety tests and a subsequent test established his blood-alcohol level at .14, nearly twice the legal limit.

Police Arrest 53-Year-Old Woman in Connection with Purse-Snatching at Baskin-Robbins

Police on Tuesday night arrested a 53-year-old Norwalk woman for stealing a purse from Baskin-Robbins last week. She was identified based on video surveillance images that New Canaan Police shared through their own social media accounts as well as through local news organizations, authorities said. Lida A. Martinez of Olmstead Place came to police headquarters at about 9 p.m. on July 9 to discuss the theft, officials said. Martinez told officers that she’d taken the purse with the intention of returning it to the rightful owner, according to a police report. Afterwards, the owner of the purse was found and it was determined that cash was missing from it, the report said.

PHOTOS: Police Seek Help ID’ing Baskin-Robbins Purse-Snatcher

Police are asking for help from the public in identifying a woman caught stealing a purse at Baskin-Robbins last week. Video surveillance from the popular Main Street shop shows the woman stealing the purse at about 4:07 p.m. Friday. Wearing a yellow T-shirt and white shorts, she is described as an au pair, grandmother or caretaker of a young boy with whom she entered the store and sat at a table near the door, eating ice cream. Video surveillance shows an unwitting young couple sitting at the next table over, including a woman with a purse that she hangs by the strap from her chair. The young woman and man she’s with leave without her purse, the video shows.

Police: New Canaan Woman, 48, Charged After Accosting Mom and Daughter in CVS 

Police on Wednesday night arrested a 48-year-old New Canaan woman after hearing that she’d accosted a mom and her young daughter at the CVS downtown. At about 8:47 p.m. on July 3, officers met with the complainant in their headquarters regarding the incident at 94 Park St. There, the complainant said she and her daughter, 10, had been shopping at CVS when the woman, an Oak Street resident, approached her in the store “and began saying profane statements” to the pair, according to a police report. 

The mother-daughter made for the store’s exit with the woman following them, the report said. Following an investigation, police charged her with second-degree breach of peace, a misdemeanor. Police issued the summons at her house, the report said.

Police: Unlocked Cars in New Canaan Entered, One with Keys Inside Stolen and Recovered

Police on Sunday received multiple reports of unlocked cars being entered in New Canaan, officials said. In one case, an unlocked 2013 Subaru with its keys inside was stolen from a Heritage Hill Road driveway, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said in a press release. That car later was recovered on Parish Lane, he said. Small amounts of cash were also stolen from vehicles on upper Elm Street, Prospect Place, Oenoke Lane and Parish Road, the chief said. “It is probable that these crimes are being committed by gang members,” Krolikowski said in the release.