Park Place Homeowners Seek Permission to Relocate Driveway

The owners of a Park Place home are seeking permission to relocate a driveway from a paved area out front of their house to one side of their property. Creating a driveway along the southern side of 27 Park Place will allow the homeowners “to restore the mostly paved front yard into a tasteful lawn and landscaped area,” according to an application filed on their behalf by attorney Jacqueline Kaufman of Stamford-based Carmody, Torrance, Sandak and Hennessey LLP. “The requested relief will allow for the continued use of the Property for residential purposes consistent with those around it,” Kaufman said in a narrative that accompanies an application for two variances. “The location for the driveway has been sensitively selected to be compatible with layout on surrounding properties. We further believe it presents an improvement to the quality of life on the street by restoring the mostly paved front yard with lawn and landscaping and relocating family vehicles to the rear yard which is buffered from  neighbors views with landscaping and fencing (and a future garage structure).