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Letter: An Invitation To Battle Substance Abuse as a Community

Dear Editor,

I am writing with an open invitation asking our New Canaan community to come together for a common cause. This cause may not be the topic of conversation at the club this weekend and it won’t spark the next trendy fashions on Elm Street. But it affects each and every one of us. As a local resident, business owner and volunteer, I have personally read too many stories of young people leaving us way too soon. I have seen too many adults not be able to function to their fullest potential. Continue Reading →

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Officials Wary of Proposal for Nonprofit, Community Organizations To Use ‘Pop Up Park’ for Sales

Town officials on Tuesday night voiced objections to a proposal that nonprofit and community organizations be allowed to sell fundraiser tickets or items such as Girl Scout cookies in the Pop Up Park downtown, saying the popular pedestrian area should remain entirely solicitation-free. When the cordoned-off park launched five years ago, New Canaan’s traffic authority specified that nothing be sold there “mostly because we did not want to have in any way reactions by the merchants that the Pop Up Park would compete with them,” according to Police Commission member Sperry DeCew. “I am not particularly happy about this [idea],” DeCew said at the group’s regular meeting, held at the New Canaan Police Department. “I do not particularly want people in there being solicited by anybody to do anything—Lobsterfest or Girl Scout cookies. I think it’s inappropriate and there should be no solicitation whatsoever.”

DeCew and fellow Commissioner Paul Foley—together with Chairman Stuart Sawabini, who participated in the meeting on speakerphone—referred to a draft set of “sales guidelines” from the volunteer committee that organizes the Pop Up Park. Continue Reading →

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Town Publishes Waiting Lists for Commuter Parking Lot Permits

Town officials now are publishing online the waiting lists for the three commuter parking lots most in demand in New Canaan, at the Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill. The lists (they can be found here) will be updated monthly, according to Stacy Miltenberg, superintendent of the New Canaan Parking Bureau. Their publication follows a major effort undertaken by the bureau to “clean up” the waiting lists. Prompted by the Parking Commission, the town last year instituted a $10 annual fee to stay on the lists, and Miltenberg and her department spent several months reaching out to applicants to ensure they still were actively waiting. “When we cleaned up the waitlists back in September, the Parking Commission felt it was a good idea to publish them, because people constantly called to find out where they are,” Miltenberg told Continue Reading →

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Town To Purchase 24 New Recycling Bins for Downtown, Public Areas

Town officials on Tuesday morning voted in favor of the $10,000 purchase of 24 new green metal recycling receptacles in New Canaan. The town by state mandate must have a recycling receptacle for every garbage bin placed in a public area, according to Don Smith, assistant superintendent of solid waste with the New Canaan Department of Public Works. Yet as of this week, Smith said he had counted 31 garbage bins around New Canaan and “more than half do not have a recycling bin,” Smith told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting, held at Town Hall. The town is purchasing the two dozen “slatted body outdoor metal waste receptacles” from Port Jefferson, N.Y.-based Global Industrial. “They are gorgeous,” First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said. Continue Reading →

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20-Year-Old Man Arrested with Marijuana in Vehicle


Police arrested a 20-year-old Danbury man on five charges on Saturday night, including possession of marijuana with intent to sell. At around 9:30 p.m. on July 22, police spotted his car traveling southbound on Valley Road without a front license plate. The officer at the scene identified the smell of marijuana upon approaching the car and communicating with the man, which led to the deployment of a K-9 Police Service Dog and a search of the vehicle, according to the police report. Small plastic baggies containing marijuana, empty clear plastic baggies, and a scale were found in the car, the report said. The man also presented a false name to investigating officers as well as a suspended driver’s license. Continue Reading →

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