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Second Neighbor Files Suit Following P&Z’s Conditioned Approval of Grace Farms Application

A second set of Grace Farms neighbors this month filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse the town’s decision to grant the organization an amended zoning permit that allow for wide-ranging activities on its Lukes Wood Road campus. The New Canaan Planning & Zoning Commission’s heavily conditioned Sept. 26 approval of Grace Farms’ application was made “illegally, arbitrarily, and in an abuse of its discretion” in several ways, according to an appeal filed on behalf of Danita and Paul Ostling of Smith Ridge Road. The application did not conform to various requirements of the New Canaan Zoning Regulations, according a complaint filed Nov. 1 in state Superior Court in Stamford, including a section that outlines what is allowed by Special Permit in those regs (see page 42 here) and others that lay out the criteria and considerations for making a decision on such applications (page 170). Continue Reading →

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‘It’s Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant’: Officials Uphold $75 Ticket for Woman Who Parked ‘A Little Bit’ in Crosswalk

Officials are upholding a $75 fine for a woman who parked her car such that it obstructed a pedestrian crosswalk at Main Street and East Avenue while she ran into the now-closed Turkish coffee shop there for a cup of joe. Though the motorist, Ying Emma Zhang, told members of the Parking Commission that her car was just “a little bit” into the crosswalk, that claim alone has no bearing on the violation committed, officials said. “Unfortunately, in the parking world, it’s like being a little bit pregnant,” Chairman Keith Richey said during Zhang’s appeal hearing, held Nov. 9 at Town Hall. Zhang said she incurred the ticket more than one month prior to the hearing. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: New Canaan Car Thieves Are Juveniles Who Joyride, Get Released After Arrests and Re-Offend

The Waterbury gang members stealing unlocked motor vehicles from local homes are nearly always juveniles—some as young as 14 years old—and often have been arrested multiple times in the past, according to New Canaan Police Department Chief Leon Krolikowski. One girl arrested in connection with the thefts in New Canaan had been charged with 53 felonies “and she was not even held, she was released,” Krolikowski told members of the Police Commission at their regular meeting last week. “The justice system lets them get arrested multiple times,” the chief said at the Nov. 15 meeting, held in the Training Room at the New Canaan Police Department. He added: “That is part of the problem with the system.”

The comments came about one week after New Canaan residents reported multiple thefts of vehicles from their homes. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Longtime Utilities Commission member and chairman Tom Tesluk resigned Nov. 8 from the volunteer group. ***

Two Old Norwalk Road dogs are under home quarantine through Nov. 21—one after biting, the other after scratching a home heating oil man during a service visit at the residence on Election Day. An Eskimo dog bit the man in the left calf, and a boxer mix scratched him. Continue Reading →

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