DUI Arrest: 28-Year-Old Man Tests at Nearly Twice Legal Limit

Police after midnight Friday arrested a 28-year-old Norwalk man and charged him with driving under the influence. 

At about 1:01 a.m. on Jan. 24, an officer on patrol stopped a vehicle traveling northbound on Route 123 because it didn’t have a front license plate, according to a police report. While speaking to the driver, the officer detected signs of impairment, the report said. The was taken into custody after undergoing field sobriety tests and at police headquarters he submitted to a test to establish his blood-alcohol level, it said. He tested at .152, nearly twice the legal limit, police said.

Did You Hear … ?

Police at 7:55 a.m. Thursday arrested a 47-year-old Binghamton, N.Y. man and charged him with second-degree failure to appear. The man turned himself in on an active paperless re-arrest warrant. He’d been arrested in October 2014 and charged by New Canaan Police with sixth-degree larceny, court records show. ***

The proposed selectmen’s budget unveiled this week includes earmarks of $30,000 for fiscal year 2023 and $250,000 the following year for the Animal Control shelter. First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said Thursday that if the New Canaan YMCA doesn’t take over the vacated residence at Kiwanis Park under a possible future partnership with the town, the structure could be converted for use as a new animal shelter.

Police Chief: ‘High Likelihood’ of Drug Possession, Possible Dealing in New Canaan Schools

Getting a drug-sniffing dog access to public schools ranks high among  New Canaan Police Department priorities for this year, Chief Leon Krolikowski said Thursday. Police officials “are hopeful we will be able to get some folks in line” and finalize an agreement with the district so that the department’s K-9 unit can do its work inside schools, Krolikowski said during a budget hearing before the Board of Selectmen. 

“Because we do know as we sit here today that there’s a high likelihood that there are some kids in the school in possession of drugs and maybe distributing it,” Krolikowski said during the Board’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall. “And what are we going to do as a town to prevent that from happening and frankly make our kids safer?”

Asked by Selectman Nick Williams where New Canaan is in the process, Krolikowski said “stalled.”

“It’s been tabled, I believe, by the superintendent and Board of Education,” he said. “It’s been a years-long effort to try to move that along and we are login to continue to do that and be a little bit more aggressive in trying to push that along. Get something in place that we are at least comfortable with.