‘Our Flagpole Should Not Be a Speech Mechanism’: Selectmen Pass New ‘Flag Policy’ for Town Buildings

New Canaan’s highest elected official this week instituted a new “flag policy” for town buildings. 

First Selectman Dionna Carlson in introducing a draft policy Tuesday for the full Board of Selectmen to review noted that it wouldn’t apply to school buildings. Carlson said that during her first week in office she “had an individual come up to me and asked to fly another country’s liberation flag.”

“And I guess my predecessor allowed a week of flying that flag,” Carlson said at a regular Board meeting, held in Town Hall and via videoconference. 

“And I feel very strongly that the only flags that should be flown in municipal buildings are the American flag, the state of Connecticut flag and any town flag,” she continued. “I was thinking about school flags, and I really do believe that those should be reserved for the schools. The other thing that I’m trying to avoid is who gets to fly what flag when?…  If we did the school flags at the municipality, do we fly it for a football win? Then do we fly it for every debate [team] win?

‘I Don’t Want Town Funds Being Used for This’: Carlson Pushes Back on Contract for Stanchion Repair

Town officials decided Tuesday to wait for an insurance claim to be processed prior to repairing a low painted brick column that marks the start of a public road near the Merritt Parkway. One of the two columns located at the start of White Birch Road—opposite the off-ramp from Merritt Parkway Exit 37 northbound—was struck and damaged by a vehicle in December, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. The “stanchion” is in the public right-of-way and helps delineate White Birch, a residential street, for motorists exiting the parkway, Mann told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting by way of seeking approval of a $5,350 contract to repair it. Yet New Canaan’s highest elected official pushed back on spending taxpayer dollars on the project. “I’m just going to throw it out there: Why are we reconstructing this?” First Selectman Dionna Carlson said during the meeting, held in Town Hall and via videoconference.

Rec Department Launches Women’s Pickup Soccer Program Starting April 28

Spurred by interest from two New Canaan residents, officials say they’re forming a women’s pickup soccer group that will play Sunday nights starting later this month. The new program (register here) will run 8 to 9:30 p.m. weekly starting April 28 through June 2 at Water Tower Turf Field 1 at New Canaan High School (closest to Lapham Community Center, where there’s close and ample parking), according to Assistant Recreation Director Zack Philippas. “It’s a pick-up style, so it means each week teams will be formed based on the players that are there,” Phillippas told NewCanaanite.com. “And this flexible format ensures that everyone gets plenty of playing time and an opportunity to get new teammates. And it also allows us to have 14 people sign up and we could do 7-on-7 on a smaller size field.

Town To Pave 8 Local Roads

Town officials last week approved an approximately $1.25 million contract with a Norwalk-based company to pave a number of local roads. The Board of Selectmen during its regular meeting April 2 voted unanimously in favor of the contract with FGB Construction, one of four companies to bid on it, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. The company has “done excellent work with minimal complaints from the residents and the motoring public,” Mann said at the meeting, held in Town Hall and via videoconference. The roads to be paved include Danforth Drive, Indian Rock Road, Lantern Ridge Road, Laurel Road from Canoe Hill to Turner Hill, Pond View Lane, Reeder Lane, Toby’s Lane and West Hills Road. It’s “the first portion of our paving program for this year,” Mann said.