‘Taking Some Action’: Town Officials Move Forward with Proposal for Surveillance Cameras at Waveny Entrances

Following an online petition signed by more than 2,000 people, and acting on the advice of police, town officials said this week that they’re looking to install cameras to record motor vehicles entering and exiting Waveny Park. 

Parks and Public Works officials said during a subcommittee meeting Tuesday that the cost of installation might be around $25,000, for which they would likely request a special appropriation. The main purpose of the cameras will be to “show visibility of activity coming in and out of our parks,” Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Rona Siegel said during a meeting of the appointed body’s Camera Subcommittee. The two-person subcommittee, which also includes Parks Commissioner Matt Konspore, discussed potential locations for the cameras, focusing on the three entrances to the park—one on South Avenue and two on Lapham Road, including near the Waveny Pool. “It would just be an extension of cameras at the entrances – not throughout the park,” Siegel said during the meeting, held at Town Hall. Those in attendance included Siegel and Konspore as well as Recreation Director Steve Benko, Public Works Director Tiger Mann and Parks Superintendent John Howe.

Town Recommends Reducing Speed Limits to 25 mph Throughout Three Local Roads 

Town officials last week voted to recommend lowering the speed limits on three local roads so that they’re 25 mph throughout. 

The Police Commission voted 3-0 at its June 19 meeting to establish the new speed limit throughout Old Norwalk Road, Wahackme Road and Weed Street. “They should be uniform,” Chairman Sperry DeCew said during the regular meeting, held in the training room at the New Canaan Police Department. “Almost all of them [local roads] are 25 [mph].”

Commissioners Paul Foley and Jim McLaughlin also voted in favor of the change. The change is meant to create more uniformity among local roads, which would then be 25 mph throughout New Canaan. (State roads such as Routes 106, 123 and 124 allow for higher speeds.) After residents of Silvermine Road complained about the 30 mph speed limit there, the town lowered it to 25 mph despite warnings from police and others that doing so would not change motorist behavior.

Utility Poles Throughout New Canaan Getting ‘Braces’ To Strengthen Them; Work To Conclude Next Week

Work crews are installing “braces” on utility poles throughout New Canaan, an effort designed to make the them sturdier, officials say. Spray-painted brown to blend in with the poles themselves, the braces and their installation is being paid for by Frontier, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. The braces are designed to make the poles more durable during storms and to help them carry extra weight as 5G gear is added. Nearly 400 poles in New Canaan are getting the braces and two Frontier-subcontracted work crews have about 150 left to do—at a pace of 25 to 45 installations per day, the work should be completed by the end of next week, Mann said. The installations require pile-driving the brace into the ground and strapping the device onto the pole—work that tends to be loud and could take up to 90 minutes depending on whether the crews run into rocks in the process, Mann said.