Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com recently received the following Letters to the Editor. ***

Editor,  NewCanaanite.com,

As a little girl growing up in New Canaan, I can remember the adults in my life discussing the need for upgrades and expansions to the library we frequented so often. For the 30+ years my family and I have lived in New Canaan our town has desperately needed a new library. Living elsewhere and working in education underscored just how integral to a community’s well-being a library is —how expansive an institution it can be —and fostered a deeper respect for our librarians who currently do so much with, frankly, so little. When I moved back to town full time and watched the state of the art rebuilds of surrounding towns’ libraries, I excitedly anticipated the day our own new library would open its doors.

Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com received the following letters to the editor. ***

On February 22nd, 2021, I wrote to the Board of Selectmen, saying that when the Planning and Zoning Commission held its public hearings on the new library, I would have a plan ready to present, which would show the 1913 building remaining in its current place, working harmoniously with the new library building. I do have that plan ready, but I am making a few adjustments to it based on observations and input from members of the Board of Selectmen and Town Council. But, before finalizing and releasing it, and then describing my own “Saving 1913” Library Plan, I have evaluated the new library’s own “Town Green” plan, a copy of which is attached. In my opinion, it is a profoundly, and fundamentally, flawed plan in many respects, just as is, with or without any attempt to retain any portion of the current 1913 library building.

Podcast: Manda Riggs of Elm Street Books

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to Manda Riggs, co-manager at Elm Street Books, about how the locally owned bookshop is faring amid the pandemic and what sort of in-store activity it’s seeing now, as well as some good fiction and nonfiction recommendations this spring

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Letters To The Editor

NewCanaanite.com received the following submitted letters. ***

What a travesty to destroy one of the most amazing constructions in our towns history. Have we lost all concern for history, class and quality? —Sidney (Pepper) and Candy Creamer Sweet


My name is Hilary Ormond, and my family and I live in New Canaan.  I am a stay-at-home mom of two young children, and I write to express my full support for the plans for the new library that are currently under consideration.  It is past time for New Canaan to have a library that is worthy of the town it represents, the special guests it attracts, and the programs it hosts. Moreover, New Canaan is sorely in need of meeting space for its residents, especially as we emerge from the pandemic.  The new library — with it plans for abundant indoor and outdoor spaces — will provide plenty of options for its residents.

Full Disclosure: Culinary Tendinitis

As a self-appointed expert on unknown medical conditions, I would like to shed light on an affliction that has impaired my ability to function as a home chef. 

I am not-so-quietly suffering from Culinary Tendinitis. In layman’s terms, it’s the overuse of one’s culinary skills during a pandemic, resulting in a lack of inspiration to prepare food for more than zero people. It’s a battle, and my family is trying to be supportive, but they are constantly hungry and wondering when I am going to pull it together. After a year of excessive, never-ending meal planning, I am having difficulty conceiving of and executing appealing entrees. No one seems inspired by my new recipe suggestions or jazzed by ‘80s throwback ideas, like Shake ‘n Bake.