Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters. (We will publish letters of endorsement for the 2021 municipal election through Sept. 30.)


Dear editor,

I am privileged to write this letter in support of Hugo Alves’ candidacy for the Board of Education. I have known Hugo and have worked closely with him for twelve years.   I find him to be intelligent, energetic, ethical and fully committed to every task he undertakes.  He is a very successful wealth management advisor and a devoted family man.  As a financial planner, he has a deep understanding of finance and a remarkable ability to work with people when dealing with complex financial matters. Hugo has been a leader in our profession.  We have worked together on the Government Relations Committee for our firm and with FINESCA, the industry support organization for financial services.  In all capacities, he is an inexhaustible worker and quick to volunteer for any worthwhile task.

Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters. ***

Dear NewCanaanite,

So let me get this straight : the Town Council approves the new library, P&Z approves the new library, the Board of Finance approves the new library, students want the new library, moms want the new library, community organizations looking for beautiful places to meet want the new library, musicians who like performing at nice outdoor venues want the new library, the realtor’s association wants the new library, pretty much all the business owners want the new library, donors donating $27 million want the new library and the overwhelming majority of people who actually live here want the new library and yet a small  uncompromising handful going around begging for signatures to stop the new library claim to know what’s best for the town? The sight of an old building that nobody uses? Interesting. And lousy community spirit.