Letter: ‘Thank You’ from Awareness Vigil Organizer

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the New Canaan Parent Support Group and New Canaan Community Foundation, I’d like to thank all those involved with making our 3rd Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil a success.  

This event had three goals: 1) to honor those who died too soon, as well as those who have struggled and are now in recovery; and 2) to openly discuss addiction and pathways to recovery; and 3) learn how we all can stand united to help others to heal. First, I would like to specifically thank the New Canaan Community Foundation, which has targeted behavioral health including substance misuse as an important community issue. Secondly, I want to thank Team Orange, our hard-working Event Committee, our MC John Hamilton and Speakers Jess Michelotti, Mike Holland, Heather Sinclair, Erika Long, and Clergy leaders Eric Fjeldal and Derrick Fallon. In addition, a special thank you to the Community Sponsors—Caron Treatment Centers, Communities4Action, Community Mindfulness Project, Exchange Club of New Canaan, Karl Chevrolet, Kids in Crisis, Laurel House, Liberation Programs, Lighthouse Recovery 365, Mountainside Treatment Center, New Canaan CARES, New Canaan Coalition, New Canaan YMCA, Newport Academy, Ram Council, Rotary Club of New Canaan, Silver Hill Hospital, St.

Letter on Sept. 5 Vigil: ‘A Growing Swell of Support’

Dear Editor,

September is “back to school” season, back to fall schedules and, for many, back to our community after a busy summer. On Thursday, September 5th, I hope to see hundreds in town back to the Community Addiction Awareness Vigil – the third annual event that has gathered an ever-growing group each year. Since its inception, I’ve witnessed a growing swell of support for the event and—more importantly—for each other. Expect to leave the event inspired, motivated, and proud of our community. There’s much work to be done to grow awareness, resources, and support for anyone facing a mental health or substance misuse challenge.