Letter: ‘Thank You’ for New Canaan Veterans Wreath Project Help


In a time marked with sadness and pervading bad news – it is wonderful that the New Canaan VFW can bring a heartwarming story of our community rising up to accomplish something wonderful. On behalf of the Officers and Members of the Howard M. Bossa & Peter C. Langenus Post 653 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, we would like to thank everyone who made this year’s wreaths project a success – despite the adversities of the COVID pandemic. Over 1,100 wreaths with bows were placed on every veteran’s grave in New Canaan, not just at Lakeview Cemetery, but at every private or historic cemetery within our Town.  This massive undertaking would not have been possible without the incredible work of many volunteers and organizations – but most importantly, led by the exceptional efforts of Chris and Frances Wilson. From preplanning to ensure that we met Sector Guidelines for gatherings during the Pandemic, ensuring groups were socially distancing or family groups, getting groups to tie the bows – then move the wreaths to the cemetery for placement – months of effort by Chris and Frances led to a flawless execution of Peter Langenus’ vision. We would also be remiss if we did not acknowledge and thank the many donors who stepped up during a time we could not raise funds through our Poppies donations during Memorial Day week.  It truly speaks to just how wonderful the residents of New Canaan are when we come together for a common goal – enabling us to raise the $11,000 needed to purchase the wreaths entirely through private donations.  A powerful positive moment of hope in a difficult time for many – where we all need more good news.

Op-Ed: 2020—A Year of Accomplishments Despite A Pandemic

It is difficult to look back and remember the year 2020. In so many ways it was a lost year—lost lifetime memories, lost opportunities and lost friends and loved ones. Most of the first quarter of 2020 was what we now recall fondly as “normal”. We began the year debating topics that seemed important, like whether later school start times would be healthier for our older students, and whether we might improve our town’s competitiveness and real estate values by increasing the frequency of, or at least by reducing the travel time for, trains to Manhattan. The last nine months of 2020 was dominated by the COVID virus.

Letter from Chamber: Thanks, New Canaan, for Spreading the Holiday Spirit

While the Chamber was not able to host everyone in town for the annual Holiday Stroll, there was plenty of holiday magic in New Canaan this December. 

So many of our community members worked together to make downtown feel special and we wanted to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to the people and organizations that helped the Chamber keep so many of New Canaan’s important traditions alive. Over 170 families, organizations and businesses donated to the 2020 Holiday Lights campaign which lit up downtown New Canaan starting the week of Thanksgiving. Of course, a big shout out to Rob Hutchinson and his dedicated crew who carefully place and maintain the lights over the three months they are up. Marc Harrison and his team of SLOBS (Service League of Boys) gave up a Sunday afternoon to hang the garland and white lights which had been donated by Greggs Garden Center on all the lampposts in town. Also, an extra thank you to long time New Canaan residents Dan Mulhern, Scott Melland and John Linnartz for acting as crew chiefs.

Letter: New Canaan’s Community Foundation and Tiny Miracles

As the mom of a very low birth weight baby, I understand the anguish and daily uncertainty that consumes a parent after giving birth to a premature child. 

Nothing prepares you for the shock of seeing your vulnerable newborn hooked up to tubes and monitors in a bustling neonatal intensive care unit. The long days of sitting vigil in intensive care accumulate into weeks and months, as the emotional and financial toll continue to mount simultaneously. Upon discharge, these tiniest of babies may require years of additional follow-up and medical treatment. The Tiny Miracles Foundation has not only been providing compassionate service to families of premature babies in our community since 2004 but has also established a Financial Assistance Program to help with rent, utilities and basic needs and supplies so that economically distressed families are able to welcome their child home into a safe environment. Since the pandemic began, the need for financial assistance has risen dramatically.