Letter: New Canaan Garden Club Seeks Support to Complete Flexi-Pave Path at Irwin Park

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you are probably aware, the New Canaan Garden Club along with the Town, is charged with maintaining and enhancing the beauty and accessibility of Irwin Park for all.  A survey conducted in the fall of 2018 by the Garden Club emphasized that Irwin is beloved by walkers who appreciate the safety offered by the Flexi-Pave path. However, the Flexi-Pave path was never completed on one side of the Park. Consequently, in bad weather, this area can be icy, muddy, and hard to navigate due to its uneven terrain. I am asking for your help to close the Flexi-Pave trail loop and restore the Irwin Endowment. Please join me in support of this $75,000 project, approved by the Board of Finance and Town Council.

Full Disclosure: Summer, It’s Not About Me

Do you know why New Canaan is spelled with three ‘A’s? It’s to account for the high concentration of Type ‘A’ personalities that have settled in our small, idyllic village. 

Yet it seems that even the most high-strung New Canaanites have embraced summer, or fled town entirely. In fact, I would like to report a mass evacu-cation and thank most of New Canaan for skipping town to enjoy summer elsewhere. 

During the seasonal mass exodus, some of us enjoy VIP parking along Elm Street and exceptional personal service-with-a-smile wherever we go. I even saw a benevolent parking enforcement officer let an infraction go—now, if that isn’t a harbinger of good things to come, then I don’t know what is. 

One could get used to this ease of everyday life in New Canaan. However, I am still wound as tight as ever trying to figure out my summer rhythm.

Letter: Daniel LaGattuta for Board of Education

Dear Editor,

Please join me in supporting Daniel LaGattuta for a Board of Education position at next week’s Republican Caucus. I had the pleasure of first meeting Daniel eight years ago through the New Canaan Newcomers Club and have spent many summers with his family at the Waveny Pool.  

He is extremely well educated—BA from NYU in mathematics and political science and a PhD in Economics from MIT. He has spent his recent years founding and running, Learning & the Brain, a company that provides professional development for K through12 educators through the creation of education conferences, one-day seminars and summer institutes. 

The combination of his education and career pursuits gives Daniel a unique perspective that would greatly benefit our Board of Education. He is thoughtful and well researched.