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Full Disclosure: Call It a Comeback

I blame my multi-year yoga hiatus on the CrossFit craze. ‘Workout of the Day’ posts were overwhelming my social media feeds. The enthusiasm for weightlifting, burpees and lady-muscles was unrelenting. I abandoned the self-love of yoga to abuse myself through masochistic forms of exercise. I didn’t have enough courage to join CrossFit per se, so I signed up for group powerlifting classes. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Chamber Thanks Sidewalk Sale Supporters

On Friday July 13th and Saturday July 14th the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce hosted the 53rd Annual Village Fair and Sidewalk Sales. Thousands of bargain hunters and their families came downtown for the fun. With over 100 participating merchants and vendors there was plenty of entertainment, food and of course, bargains galore for everyone! We’ve added a day for the “Early Bird Shopping” on Friday and from what we hear that it was a huge success. The fair, like any other big event, takes months and months of planning. The Chamber would like to thank our lead sponsor, William Raveis Real Estate. Continue Reading →

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Full Disclosure: Zombies, Detours and Pipeline Dreams

Transitions are hard and change is often difficult for creatures of habit like me. There is enough uncertainty in the world, so I like to keep a few things consistent—sometimes to a fault. For much of my adult life, my guilty pleasure was red wine. Even on a steamy hot summer night, I would opt for a hearty goblet of room temperature Cabernet. After years of indulging, red wine started to give me intense migraines. Yet, fully in denial, I would carry on, afraid to break up with my vino. Continue Reading →

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Letter: ‘Thank You’ from New Canaan Family Fourth Organizers


On behalf of the Family Fourth Committee, I would like to thank all who supported the 38th Annual New Canaan Family Fourth Celebration at Waveny Park by purchasing an entrance pass and attending this Independence Day celebration.  

The fireworks show was spectacular. It was another memorable 4th of July celebration….an outstanding evening of family fun, wonderful music, great food and a fantastic fireworks display. Your financial support makes this great New Canaan tradition possible; whether you drove in or walked in, thank you for buying an entrance pass.  

We offer a big thank you to the New Canaan Family Fourth volunteer Committee (Steve Benko, Scott Cluett, Chris Cody, Wendy Dixon Fog, Win Goodrich, Suzanne Jonker, Steve Parrett, Doug Richardson and Andrew Walsh) as well as all of the following; the show could not have gone on without their endless energy, hard work and commitment:

Police Department
Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Fire Department and Fire Marshal
Town Band
Mind the Gap Band
Parking, Parks, Public Works, Recreation and Information Technology Departments
The Exchange Club of New Canaan
Master of Ceremonies Dan Taylor
Our special benefactors
The gourmet food trucks
The volunteers who worked from early morning, to very late at night, to set up and take down all of the necessary infrastructure and equipment. 

A special thank you this year to Walter Stewart’s Market, the New Canaan Toy Store, Baskin-Robbins and the Town Clerk for selling entrance passes and to the local print and on-line papers for getting the word out about the event. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Another Reason To Run for Elected Office, Found on Memorial Day in New Canaan

Dear Editor,

Preparing to celebrate the 4th of July to honor the signing of the Declaration of Independence has offered me an opportunity to pause and reflect on our great nation and its most important holidays dedicated to the sacrifice of the veterans who have enabled us to continue to live in freedom. This past Memorial Day, I joined hundreds of New Canaanites to place a new flag on the gravesite of every veteran buried in New Canaan’s Lakeview Cemetery. I have spent my life engaged in the community, volunteering in a wide range of activities beginning when I was a child as a Boy Scout. But this Saturday morning was a special moment for me. It was my first American holiday as a candidate running to be elected as a state representative in New Canaan and Wilton. 

As I pressed each flag into the soil of the gravesite of those who dedicated their lives to our country, I felt the weight of both my privilege and my obligation to serve. Continue Reading →

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