Podcast: Melody Libonati of Summer Theatre of New Canaan

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to Melody Libonati, artistic director of the Summer Theatre of New Canaan, about the 2021 season which kicks off July 16 with a benefit barbecue and features a new venue in Waveny Park that many of our listeners likely have already spotted, with the big tent on the soccer fields. Summer Theatre’s big show this year is The Honky Tonk Angels, and we hear from Melody about that, as well as You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and StoopKids Stories Live. 

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Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters from readers. ***

I support New Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission’s efforts to find a way to incentivize the New Canaan Library to preserve and incorporate the 1913 Library, including the 1936 gallery, in situ, into the design for a new New Canaan Library.  Over 1600 signatories have signed the “Save New Canaan’s 1913 Library” petition, demonstrating the broad support in the community for preserving New Canaan’s historic library, which is supported by New Canaan’s Plan of Conservation and Development and Village District Design Guidelines. An appeal of this application would only delay breaking ground for a new library and my hope is that the library can present a new design that achieves the preservation of the full 3600 square foot, 1913 Library in situ. Planning and Zoning needs to enforce our town zoning laws which protect the 1913 Library in situ and our community’s interests.  I write to urge each of you to take whatever action is necessary to require the Library to take broader steps to incorporate the entire 1913 structure into the design for a new library.

Full Disclosure: Game On, Rivalry Weekend

Since Memorial Day weekend felt like being held captive in a 24-hour car wash, I turned to local sporting events to keep me entertained and uplifted between downpours and cancelled plans. Thankfully for diehard Ram fans, the rain did not derail a couple of big rivalry games against Darien over the weekend which provided some much needed home entertainment. With little else on the agenda for a rained-out Friday night, I found myself streaming New Canaan High School Channel 78’s impressive gamecast of the boys FCIAC volleyball championship between New Canaan and the undefeated Darien squad. I sat squinty-eyed and glued to my iPhone screen (I know, not ideal for optimal viewing, or for crows-feet wrinkle prevention) to catch the real-time event from the confines of my cozy sofa and faux-fur blanket cocoon. The intense, fast-paced volleyball action was expertly covered with rapid fire play-by-play commentating from way-too-smooth to be high school sportscasters.

Letters to the Editor

NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters from readers. Please submit letters to editor@newcanaanite.com. 


Since emerging out of lockdown I have tried my hardest to shop at as many local shops as I can, and to prop up our local businesses. I have also tried to dine in as many local restaurants as I can, as I know what a struggle the last 15 months must have been for them. After losing two family members to COVID-19, we appreciated our strong town leadership through this crisis and our governor as well, who worked to keep us safe and well. I am so proud to say that there are many aspects of our wonderful town that have made things easier during a very tough year.