Letter: ‘Thank You’ from Rotary Club to New Canaan Community

Speaking for the Rotary Club of New Canaan, I thank everyone who generously supported our “contactless,” drive-through Lobsterfest at the Waveny Park pool pavilion this past weekend. We sold over 1,000 meals, including 100 that will be prepared by our catering partners and delivered by our members to first responders this week. The traditional early fall Lobsterfest on the lawns of the Historical Society was not possible this year, but our enterprising members came up with a plan to keep the event alive for a 35th year and Steve Benko, Director of Parks and Recreation, made available the perfect location for a drive-through. We could not have done it without the SLOBS from the high school, who directed the traffic inside Waveny Park, in the rain on Friday and the sun on Saturday. 

NewCanaanite’s editor, Michael Dinan very kindly produced a podcast, interviewing one of our members, describing the planning for this year’s event. Michael also generously ran a banner across the top of NewCanaanite’s home page publicizing Lobsterfest, for which we are most grateful.

Letters to the Editor: Election 2020 

[Note: NewCanaanite.com through Oct. 21 will publish Election 2020 endorsement letters from New Canaan residents for candidates seeking to represent the town.]

To the Editor,

Schools are open. Some kids are in school and some are at home. Teachers are doing their best to meet the needs of all the kids, to keep them safe, to make them feel loved, and to make sure they have the best educational experience possible. Most of those teachers, I’m sure, would rather be at home, completely safe from exposure to COVID.