New Canaan residents share their thoughts and raise issues of importance to our community, on matters touching local residents—property and business owners, taxpayers, students, nonprofit leaders and caregivers. This is a space for New Canaanites to recognize good works that may otherwise go unnoticed or to raise questions and concerns for public vetting. To submit a letter to the editor, email editor@newcanaanite.com.

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Full Disclosure: BLAHama-Mamas

It’s time for a change of scene when on day two of a Nor’easter-related electrical outage, you become emotionally unhinged upon seeing a brigade of Eversource trucks lined up on White Oak Shade Road. Because I’m a multi-Bombogenesis survivor and a lover of a man in uniform, the sight of utility service engineers felt like gazing upon the Allied Troops rolling triumphantly along the Champs Éylsées. Oh, the joy, the newfound hope, the promise of better times… Sorta. My kids were barely at school in March and soon New Canaan Public Schools will commence its Spring Break. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Grace Farms Opposes Proposed Cuts to Rail Service on New Canaan Branch

To the Editor, NewCanaanite.com:

Grace Farms Foundation stands together with the town of New Canaan and with several of our community partners—the Glass House, The Chamber of Commerce and the New Canaan Nature Center, among others—in strong opposition to the decrease in rail service to New Canaan. Local commuters and visitors to New Canaan depend upon public transportation during the week as well as on weekends. Whether they come for a specific program, an architecture tour, or just to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, visitors who come to Grace Farms from New York City are also eager to explore the town and contribute significantly to its economic vibrancy. Though our site is a few miles from the center of town, our staff and visitors depend heavily on the Metro North spur line to New Canaan. Furthermore, Grace Farms has a demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability, and this access to public transportation is vital to keeping traffic to a minimum. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: School Budget Cuts—Testing the Rhetoric

In public meetings and media reports, it’s becoming clear that the New Canaan Board of Finance will act this week to approve a school budget for 2018-2019 that’s as much as $1 million less than requested by the Board of Education. In April, the Town Council will decide whether to make additional reductions. These are important decisions, so it’s worth scrutinizing the logic behind these moves. Premise #1: Major cuts can be made from administrative and back-office functions with no impact in the classroom. The problem with this premise is that virtually all administrative functions have a direct and important impact on the performance of teachers in the classroom. Continue Reading →

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Full Disclosure: ‘New Canine,’ Next Station to Pet Heaven

When you have a husband, two kids and a mother on the same block, you may assume there is no significant void to fill in your personal life. Me too. I never realized how the unconditional love of a dog could wiggle its way into the deep, dark crevices of my jaded heart and make things whole. ***

The rumors are true: Years ago, I convinced my truly wonderful husband to purchase a home on the same street as my mother. If you’re conjuring up images of Everyone Loves Raymond, you’re on the right track. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: St. Luke’s Neighbor Opposes Cell Tower on Private Residential Property

Mr. Keith Richey wrote a long Op-Ed yesterday [Feb. 23] in NewCanaanite.com explaining his rationale for erecting a cell tower on his residence in New Canaan. Foremost, let me say on behalf of our neighborhood (Soundview and Hidden Meadow Lanes, as well as Laurel, North Wilton and Deep Valley Roads, as well as extended neighbors) that his facts are simply wrong. Keith and Marina Richey did nothing to inform their neighbors, including St. Luke’s School, of their intentions, plans and negotiations to build a cell tower with Homeland Towers. Continue Reading →

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