Who Knew: Toto, I Don’t Think We’re Technically in New Canaan Anymore

‘Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market. Generally, this column covers restaurants, activities, shops, and experiences in New Canaan. While Tavern at GrayBarns is technically in Norwalk, don’t tell that to the many New Canaanites who claim it as their hometown’s best special occasion restaurant.  Here’s one for the suggestion box: Unspecial Occasion Dining. 

I’m never mad at birthday dinners, anniversary dates, or the swilling of swanky holiday cocktails while a jazz trio plays nearby. Those are all perfectly fun, if well-trodden, occasions upon which to break out the Dry Clean Only. But I would, and often do, trade every single one of them in for the grown-up thrill of impulsively convening a nice restaurant meal for no reason whatsoever.

Who Knew: Seize the Tomato, New Canaan

‘Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market. It’s worth noting here that, while the Farmer’s Market is a special Saturday ritual, Walter Stewart’s keeps our community going 364 days a year with excellent produce, prepared foods, and THAT chicken dumpling soup. Check out the Connecticut Grown sections in their produce department for a farmer’s market any day of the week. – Laura


 Growing up in California, I was deeply intrigued by the idea of a life with four distinct seasons. It seemed like living in a movie, having a real-deal Northeastern fall like When Harry Met Sally and a cozy, entrancing winter like, well, like something other than The Shining or Misery, but as a kid, I was super into Stephen King.

Who Knew? New Canaan on Ice

‘Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market. Is it too hot for opinions this week? Because I have one.  Everyone can openly adopt precisely one form of snobbery. You can be a wine aficionado, an ardent collector of vinyl, or an art-house cinephile, but combine all three into one personality, and you’d best tread lightly.

Who Knew: It’s Hot Picnic Summer in New Canaan

‘Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market. “I want to have the kind of summer I had when I was eleven years old,” my husband told me on a recent road trip. “Where you just ride your bike, get ice cream, and hang out with your friends.” 

 I instantly agreed, although my eleventh summer also included a minor criminal streak. Juiced up on an endless stream of Minute Maid orange sodas purchased with quarters stolen from our dads’ dressers, my friend Becky and I set out daily to arrange the outdoor furniture at our neighborhood tennis club at the bottom of the pool. On balance, though, it was wholesome stuff, a golden time before inflation, Instagram, and Tiger King 2.

Who Knew: Fantasy New Canaan Commercial Real Estate™ Is a Game We All Can Play

‘Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market. If I’m certain of anything, it’s that the former New Canaan Post Office building at the corner of Park and Pine streets needs to be a bowling alley. 

 It’s not, of course, because it’s a Merrill Lynch. And, fine, private wealth management is probably a more practical (not to mention more pandemic-proof) endeavor than bowling. But New Canaan Fantasy Commercial Real Estate™ isn’t about rationality. It’s about creating a fictitious downtown utopia from available commercial space, a game in which startup costs and market viability are no object.