Op-Ed: Something’s Gone Askew in Town Budget Talks

Something seems to be askew in this year’s deliberations over the town budget. 

The budget process began in November 2018, when the Board of Finance unanimously adopted “Budget Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.” The BOF analysis was thoughtful, thorough, and conservative. It determined that a $3 million (2 percent) cap on spending growth would protect the town financially while continuing services at levels citizens demand. 

Meeting the guidelines became a consensus goal for Town managers and school leaders. The guidelines were the centerpiece of an offsite budget meeting of all the key stakeholders on Nov. 17.

Praise for Officer Who Fielded Suicide Threat-Related Call: NCPD Letters of Appreciation

The following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police Department officers were made public during the Feb. 27 meeting of the Police Commission, by Chief Leon Krolikowski. ***

Officer Roberto Lopez

“I am writing this memo on behalf of exemplary service that was put forth by Officer Lopez regarding a recent suicidal party investigation. On 1/27/19 Officer Lopez was assigned to Dispatch, and was in the process of training Officer [Kelly] Coughlin for the role of dispatcher. At approximately 1615 hours he received a call from a female party that had made suicidal statements to a former dating partner.

Letter: Mead Park Brick Barn ‘Could Be Transformed from Blight to Beauty’

Dear Editor:

I have lived in New Canaan since 1980. When my family chose this town over the others in the area it was because we felt the town had more character, more charm, and of course great schools. Years later, when my husband and I were deciding where to buy a house and start our family, the same attributes were compelling. Now, we watch with frustration as small homes with personality are destroyed to make room for yet another large cookie cutter “builder’s Colonial,” while beautiful, irreplaceable mature trees are often lost as collateral damage. The picturesque village quality that could continue to be a draw to this town is eroding rapidly.