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‘I Feel Very Excited’: New Canaan Pizza Reopens with Addition of Mexican Menu

More than one year after it was sold and closed for renovations, New Canaan Pizza has reopened with both the same classic recipes and an expanded menu. According to Jose Gutierrez, the new owner of a cherished East Avenue business that the same family had operated for more than 40 years, Tommy Romas himself will return to work the very same ovens that made New Canaan Pizza’s Greek-style pies a must-have for generations of locals. “I feel very excited,” Gutierrez said Monday afternoon from behind the counter at what is now known as ‘New Canaan Pizza & Taqueria,’ a familiar, cozy commercial space at 53 East Ave. “We are back in business after a long remodeling process and some circumstances that were against our will. Tommy, he is going to come refresh the menu and make sure the customers are aware the recipe is still as it was 30 years ago, and we added a Mexican menu.”

He added: “We don’t want to disturb the pizza recipe.”

The additional new menu—including Soft Corn Tortilla Tacos with steak, chicken, spicy pork, chorizo or tongue ($3.50), Tortas ($10), Tacos Dorados ($9), Burritos ($10), Tostadas ($9) and Quesadillas ($8)—is designed to serve contractors in New Canaan who are seeking authentic Mexican cuisine, Gutierrez said. Continue Reading →

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Summer Theatre of New Canaan Mulling Alternate Sites for Future Seasons

As the 15th season of the Summer Theater of New Canaan approaches, Executive Producer Ed Libonati told the Parks and Recreation Commission at its regular meeting last week that moving to another location within or outside of Waveny Park for future seasons is a possibility. The discussion came up as Libonati provided details about the company’s upcoming season, which includes an expanded five-week run of “Kiss Me Kate” starting June 28 and performances of “Peter Pan,” “Balloonacy,” and “James and the Giant Peach” by the Theatre for Young Audience starting on June 23. Libonati said that while the company saw 99 to 100 percent capacity for the main stage performances and 75 to 80 percent capacity for the children’s performances last season, the location of the tent and the activities surrounding it has created a few challenges. “During the summer, we bring a tent and we set it up in a field across from one of the softball fields and, this year, the fields are being repaired, which is creating some issues with getting tent up properly, so we’re working that out now with [Public Works Director] Tiger [Mann] and [Parks Superintendent] John [Howe] to make sure everything works out well,” he said during the March 14 meeting, held at Lapham Community Center. “We’re fit into a very tight spot there between the woods, the gas pipeline, and three football fields. Continue Reading →

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Disorderly Charge for 33-Year-Old New Canaan Man

Police on Sunday afternoon arrested a 33-year-old Michigan Road man and charged him with disorderly conduct. At about 3:37 p.m. on March 18, officers received a complaint about a domestic dispute, according to a police report. Police conducted an investigation and, based on it, charged the man with the misdemeanor offense. It isn’t clear what the dispute involved or where it happened, whether it turned physical or whether the arrested man is related to the victim. Police withheld details, classifying the incident as a domestic matter. Continue Reading →

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Officials Cite Frogtown Road Nursery’s Violations of Decades-Old Agreement with Town

The owner and operator of a commercial nursery on Frogtown Road have violated the terms of a 1984 agreement by storing materials on the site expressly excluded in it, town officials said last week. The town requires property owner Twin Ponds LLC and Frogtown Nurseries to “remove such unrelated nursery materials, including cement blocks, located on the disputed property between 321 and 259 Frogtown Road,” according to a March 14 letter to the business from New Canaan’s interim town planner. “This removal shall be done in a timely manner and such removal shall be completed no later than 10 days from the date of this letter,” it said. Interim Town Planner Keisha Fink’s letter comes amid a bitter, years-long and ongoing legal dispute between the nursery and three contiguous homeowners next door. That legal matter centers, in part, on the question of whether the nursery had made “continuous and uninterrupted” use of areas near its shared property line for a statutory period of 15 years that would then give the business certain rights to it, such as installing deer fencing. Continue Reading →

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‘You Have To Work At It’: Waveny Care Center’s Prized Volunteerism Receives Boost from Local Family

As Diana Siano and Pickie Rosemond Harvey-Smith made their way through The Village  at Waveny Care Center on a recent afternoon, they catch sight of handsome Harry Sharlach. “Harry! Oh Harry!” They swoon. Sharlach turns but it is too late: He vanishes into a cloud of kisses. Both Siano and Sharlach are part of a vast network of volunteers that bolsters the day-to-day care at Waveny LifeCare Network, where Harvey-Smith resides. Continue Reading →

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