14 thoughts on “‘It Was Wonderful’: NCHS Legend Bob VanDerheyden Steps Down After Calling Rams Football Games for 65 Years

  1. As a 67 years residence, former Ram football player and a Walter Schalk student/instructor. I can’t thank you enough for what you have ment to this town. You will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you God, for Bob Vanderheyden.

  2. What a wonderful article! Remembering working with Bob,
    hiring Elaine and becoming friends with both of them. New Canaan is a special place because of the aura left by people like Bob and Elsine. Miss you so much ! Wish we could turn back time.

  3. Thank you Bob! A job well done with love and excellence 😃
    I too started with Walter Schalk down that little ally by the fire station!
    All best joy to you and your family
    Peggy Risom

  4. Bob Vanderheyden was one-of-a kind, a rare breed of humanity, integrity, loyalty and humility. He enhanced our experience at basketball and football games by his comments and narrative and brought us closer to the contests and the players on the field of play. “The Voice of the Rams” may have retired, but his legacy lives on. Thank you, Bob, for enriching our athletics program and our community.

  5. Bob! You will be sorely missed!!! Many many thanks to you for making that trip for so many years. I have fond memories of hanging out in the booth with all of you … and Dick Bond … when the stadium was brand new! Sending warm wishes to you and your family.

  6. What a wonderful story and so honored to be part of it in my old hometown. I’ve known Bob since 8th grade and we’ve had many adventures together. Such memories flood back seeing Jack Sterling and HOA. Those of you new to town, missed a generation of terrific New Canaanites. Aside from his rousing “Here Comes the RAM’s” intro…Do you remember Bob’s opening statement (borrowed from a famous film) at the first game at the new Dunning Field?
    “IF YOU BUILD IT….THEY WILL COME!” Bravo Bob on 6 and a half decades in our terrific town….
    New Canaan, “The Next Station to Heaven”!!
    With respect and admiration…Danny.

  7. Bob, Cheers to you and your amazing career! You will always be the “voice” of the NCHS Rams.
    Not only did I have the good fortune to know you from NCHS, but was lucky enough to work with you at WSTC. On occasion spending time in your booth when we would broadcast the New Canaan Games. What fun that was! I’ll never forget I was broadcasting my NCHS graduation for WSTC, you covered for me so I could dash from the booth in the auditorium to the backstage door where I crawled in to my seat and was able to “walk the stage” to receive my diploma!!
    Thank you for mentoring me, your sage & sound advice was always welcome and extremely helpful!
    Dan Taylor nailed it in his comment “A generation of terrific New Canaanites” which you are certainly a part of!! You helped make New Canaan… New Canaan!!
    All the Best to you & Elaine.

  8. You and I were in the same 6th grade class together at South School – Miss Heart was our teacher. I have a picture of you and Miss Heart clowning around that I still have. Always wondered where you ended up and did not know you were announcing the games for New Canaan Rams all those years. Enjoy your retirement- you earned it! 😊. Dianne Everett Eskind

  9. Thank you for your dedication to our wonderful hometown! I was in the marching band and later a cheerleader and heard you call a lot of games from 1985-1989! You made Saturday afternoons so wonderful! I can still hear you calling in the Rams!! You made NCHS memories for so many of us! Carol and Dave were my class advisors for my class of 1989. Working with them on Homecoming floats was also a highlight of my high school career. You all must have had a blast up there together!! Cheers!

  10. Congrats, Bob. You were doing the games when I lived in New Canaan as a schoolboy during the Peil Pennington/Len Paglialunga days. Great Saturday afternoon memories! Great job!

  11. That was a great article about a great man. He was a huge part of my high school days. I was lucky enough to have been captain of the New Canaan High School cheerleaders during the days of Leonard Paglialunga, the Pennington brothers, Lem James …and heard Mr VanDerbeyden’s voice booming over the PA system at all the home games. It was one of the foundations of the sound track of my life.
    Bob was friends with my father, Ed Rabe and my sister, Suzi was a dancer alongside Elaine. As wonderful as Bob was behind a microphone, he was even better as a true and trusted friend.

    I wish Bob and his family nothing but happiness during this next chapter and that it’s filled with love and laughter.

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