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Town Pursues Parking Deck at Lumberyard; One-Third of New Spaces To Be Designated for Businesses

Town officials say they’re moving forward with plans to increase commuter parking at both the Talmadge Hill and Lumberyard lots. Members of the Parking Commission at the group’s most recent meeting said that First Selectman Kevin Moynihan is eyeing a private property in the area of the Talmadge station for acquisition by the town, and the first selectman himself has said that municipal officials have walked the Lumberyard property with an architect who is expected to produce a conceptual rendering, hopefully some time in the first quarter. Plans at the Lumberyard call for a single parking deck that will use the grade between Elm Street and the lot itself, Moynihan told members of the press at a Dec. 28 press briefing in his office. The parking deck itself would rise no higher than the street-level of Elm, he said. Continue Reading →

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‘He Just Loves His Job, And It Shows’: Frank the New Canaan Train Conductor To Retire

Frank Maltese and his wife of 32 years were traveling in western Massachusetts for the Big E fair two years ago, when the pair experienced a familiar encounter. Though out-of-state at a large, anonymous event, “we ran into people I knew from Connecticut,” Maltese recalled with a smile on a recent afternoon. “We always bump into people I know and it drives my wife nuts. She says, ‘Can’t we go anywhere that you don’t know somebody?’ ”

No, not really. For nearly 30 years, Maltese has worked as a conductor for Metro-North Railroad, including the last dozen on the New Canaan branch. Continue Reading →

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Malloy: New M-8 Trains for Heavily Used New Canaan Line

Gov. Dannel Malloy on Tuesday took a symbolic trip on Metro-North Railroad’s New Canaan branch line Tuesday by way of announcing that new M-8 cars are operating between Stamford and the Next Station to Heaven. During a press conference on the platform at Springdale station, Malloy said the first two of 25 single-car trains dedicated to the line are in place. Transportation officials estimate that travel on the New Canaan branch will increase 44 percent over the next 15 years, he said. “We are currently running 2,500 [commuters] Monday through Friday and we see that growing,” said Malloy, joined on the platform by State Rep. Tom O’Dea (R-125th), State Rep. William Tong (D-147th), Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker and other officials, many of whom had valid reasons to be there. O’Dea said he was “ecstatic” about the announcement and joined the governor in “calling for upgrades to the New Canaan line.”

Tong, who represents parts of Darien and Stamford, called the New Canaan line “part of the lifeline for Connecticut’s economy to “maybe the most economically important economic center in the world, New York City.”

Asked how much the cars cost, Malloy said the single-riders are about $2 million. Continue Reading →

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Metro-North To Close Richmond Hill Road at Rail Crossing Oct. 3 to 8

Metro-North Railroad is scheduled to replace a worn rail at the Richmond Hill Road crossing, and will close the busy street there Oct. 3 to 8 to get that work done. The road will close at 10 a.m. on the 3rd—a Friday, and will reopen at about 4 p.m. the following Wednesday, according to a bulletin posted by Metro-North. “All associated emergency personnel for the town of New Canaan will be notified,” Metro-North said. “The detour will be implemented via fixed message signs supplied by CTDOT and installed by the town of New Canaan.”

Train operations will run as usual on Oct. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Report on Metro-North a ‘Scathing Indictment’


The report by the Federal Railroad Administration’s “Operation Deep Dive” safety review at Metro-North is a scathing indictment of years of neglect and mismanagement at the railroad. This brief report confirms our worst suspicions about Metro-North:

On-time performance was the top priority, not safety. Training for new hires has been inadequate. Management has not been enforcing safety rules about things as simple as “no cell phone use” on the job. Railroad workers are fatigued because too many are working lucrative over-time shifts because of unfilled staff positions (that also fatten their pensions). Continue Reading →

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