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Faces of New Canaan: Scott Cranston


After catching wind of a new collaboration between the New Canaan High School Band and Jazz Ensemble and Summer Theatre of New Canaan—it’ll culminate in a 7:30 p.m., May 6 concert at the high school called “Musicals, Masters and Marches,” more on that below— set out to meet NCHS Band Director Scott Cranston. We found the Trumbull resident pleasant and engaging, and discovered some very interesting things about his heritage in the field he has chosen for a career—for example, the fact that Cranston’s own grandfather was the first civilian to serve as U.S. Marine Band conductor. That man, Cranston’s grandfather—and I’m sorry now I didn’t ask for his name—directed the high school band in Westchester where Cranston’s own parents met. During our talk—transcribed in full below—we reviewed all of this rich personal history and also discussed the 2014 New York Yankees and their retiring captain, the great Derek Jeter. Since we talked, the Yankees picked up another win over the now last-place Boston Red Sox (ahem). Continue Reading →

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