Letter: At Vigil for Overdose Awareness Day, Learn from Real-Life Stories from Neighbors

Dear Editor,

It is certainly no secret that opioids and other addictive substances are the epidemics of our country today. Individual lives, entire families, and whole communities are being permanently destroyed by this awful disease. But unless your door has been marked and your family scarred, it is very easy to nod in sympathy and say a small silent prayer of thanksgiving that this didn’t happen to our kid/father/mother/brother/sister/neighbor. But when we utter that prayer, we are forgetting the fact that every person in our community is indeed our kid/father/mother/brother/sister/neighbor. And then we know that indeed we are all affected by the epidemic of addiction.

Letter: New Movie on Common Core a Must-See for New Canaanites


New Canaan Parents:

This is a new movie about Common Core. via YouTube

Whether you are familiar/have already done reading, or if you admittedly haven’t taken the time, this is what everyone is watching—it’s new within the last few days. Set up your laptop or iPad and watch it while you make dinner, while you get ready in the morning, whatever, but don’t not watch this. This is going to be the baseline for dialogue going forward. And if you think that being in New Canaan means you don’t have to worry, it won’t matter, don’t be fooled.

Letter: Civic Action Needed in New Canaan

Type A commuters fleeing the city and beyond in search of superior public schools and the elusive small-town lifestyle flock to New Canaan. Our suburban outpost has everything they dream about from well-manicured yards to family events to a walkable downtown. Yet, even in New Canaan, we hear about bullying, domestic violence, prescription and illegal drug abuse, alcoholism, cutting, anorexia and misuse of guns. As a community, we have to stop coasting on our “Next Station to Heaven” reputation and deal with the issues threatening our village – and many other towns. The stakes have never been higher.