New Canaan’s Most Popular Automobiles

As anyone who tries to park on Elm Street knows, many New Canaanites share an affinity for cars —including sports cars and SUVs. To discern which vehicles are most popular in town, we reached out to the Town Assessor for the Taxable Motor Vehicle Property List. We compiled a list of New Canaan’s most popular automobiles broken down by makes and models, and also looked at the prevalence of some specialty cars. Here’s a look at makes:


Chevrolet stood out as the only motor vehicle company that ranked top-4 in popularity for both the overall make (2nd) and model (4th) among cars owned by New Canaanites. Asked about the ubiquitous Suburban, Karl Chevrolet Vice President of Sales Steve Karl said the vehicle “has been a choice of New Canaanites since it came out in 1935.”

Five NCHS Class of ’16 Grads Awarded Kiwanis Club’s ‘Harold S. Kenney Scholarship’

On Thursday, the Kiwanis Club of New Canaan awarded five 2016 New Canaan High School graduates with scholarships recognizing the students’ academic and extracurricular accomplishments. The Harold S. Kenney Scholarship award was named for a longtime Kiwanian and NCHS headmaster who retired in 1973, a summer camp business manager and hockey coach who was named a Hay Fellow in the Humanities by Williams College in 1961. After receiving 10 applications described as “all worthy of support from the club” and “amazing on paper and in person,” the Kiwanis Club’s scholarship committee made a tough decision and chose these five applicants, according to club member Tucker Murphy. “We should all feel proud that we can help these students,” said Murphy. Sophie Salomon, entering DePaul University this fall with a possible Film Production area of specialization, compiled a cumulative GPA at New Canaan High School of 86.

A Perfect Form of Entertainment: Summer Theatre of New Canaan’s ‘West Side Story’

As my mom and I arrived at Waveny Park for the Summer Theatre of New Canaan’s production of West Side Story, the rain clouds had just cleared, giving volunteers enough time to re-hang the banner and dry seats for the show. It was the first of three Thursday night “Ladies Nights Out”—featuring door prizes and restaurant specials—and the tent was soon packed to the brim. Arriving just before 7 p.m. for the 8 p.m. show, we sat on the grass above the tent, picnicked with a dinner from Walter Stewart’s and watched the actors rehearse a few numbers, including the Mambo scene and the Jet song. Despite the 90 degree heat, the young professionals’ energy levels were high—and remained this high for the rest of the show. It was clear from the interactions between the cast and just a few minutes of rehearsal that they would give this performance their all and that they were having a tremendous amount of fun acting together.

‘A Great Night for All’: Waveny Fireworks Declared Success for Committee, Community

The head of the volunteer group that organizes the Waveny fireworks estimates that this week’s event saw a modest increase in revenue over last year. According to Tom Stadler, chairman of the Family Fourth Committee, the picnic and fireworks show brought in about $75,000—up $1,000 from the prior summer. The funds will cover the cost of the event, he said, and extra money raised from donations, passes and food sales will carry over to next year. “My intent would be to give us a better fireworks show,” Stadler said. After a significant revenue drop two years ago, the committee this summer sought to increase donations and purchase of passes by stressing that the Family Fourth is independently funded.

Family Fourth Committee Seeks To ‘Change the Culture,’ Encourage Attendees To Purchase Event Passes

The volunteers who help manage traffic at the Waveny fireworks estimate that 40 percent of motorists who park at the three nearby schools do not display event passes in their vehicles, and that an additional 10 percent who park at Waveny itself also appear not to have purchased a pass. It’s a practice that Tom Stadler, chairman of the Family Fourth Committee, said he would like to change. _______________________________________________

The Summer Internship Program is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins. _______________________________________________

The committee wants to dispel what is “ingrained in the culture,” Stadler said—that the pass is a parking pass. Those walking in and even those who park at South School, Saxe Middle School, and New Canaan High School should purchase the $35 event pass, he said.