Letter: ‘Thank You’ for Making Community Addiction Awareness Vigil a Success


Dear Editor:

On behalf of the New Canaan Parent Support Group and our co-Host New Canaan Community Foundation, I’d like to thank all those involved with making our virtual 4th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil a success.  

Our goal was to increase awareness in our community about addiction and mental health, while “helping each other heal”. 

First, I’ll start with thanks to our hard-working Event Committee, Team Orange, including Christine Brown, Ingrid Gillespie, Leo Karl, Trey Laird, Susannah Lewis, Lance Minor, Kim O’Rielly, Chris Otis, Lauren Patterson, Thea Ross, Cini Shaw, and Joyce Sixsmith.

Other key players we want to thank include our event role players: John Hamilton, Emcee; Michael Askew, Henry Conlon, Mariann Conlon and Elisabeth Connelly, Speakers; Vanessa Landegger, Jenny Urbahn, NARCAN video; Rev. Richard Williams & Pivot Choir, “Amazing Grace”; Sydney Haydu (NCHS ’22), Community Pledge.

In addition, we are grateful for Rev. Derrick Fallon and all the members of the clergy who participated in the faith candlelight vigil, including: Carol Bauer, Cheryl Bundy, Rev. Justin Crisp, Rev. Eric Dupee, Rabbi Jason Greenberg, Kim Hall, Fr. Rob Kinnally, Stuart Knechtle, Rev. Caroline Smith, Rev. Peter Walsh, and Rev. Shannon White.

Thanks also goes to the important players on the production side, including Jacqueline Calayag, Executive Producer; Scott Troyer, Editing & Production; Henry Asker (NCHS ’18), Ethan Jones (NCHS ’21), Videography & Editing; Cyra Borsy, Amanda de Lauzan (Sacred Heart ’20), Social Media; James Singer (NCHS ’19), Videography; and Henry Conlon of henryconlonmusic.com.

Finally, our support group is grateful for the grants from the following organizations: 1) New Canaan Community Foundation; 2) CT REALTORS Foundation; 3) Newcomers Club of New Canaan; 4) St. Mark’s Outreach Commission; 5) Exchange Club of New Canaan; and 6) Rotary Club of New Canaan.  Without this funding support, our event could not have happened.

To watch a replay of the event, go to ncparentsupportgroup.org or search for “4th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil” on YouTube.


Paul Reinhardt, Founder, New Canaan Parent Support Group

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