Letter: Supporting Penny Young for Town Council

To the editor:

There’s a reason why the voters have, and should continue to, cast their votes for Penny Young. They have recognized her incredible understanding of our town’s operations, and her ability to identify what’s working, question what’s not, and carry out the Town Council’s responsibilities with a fresh perspective and a close eye on the budget. This extensive knowledge, combined with her willingness to work hard and face the tough issues head on, make her the ideal member of Town Council. Penny is fiscally responsible and well understands the impact of the town’s financial decisions on all of New Canaan’s citizens, from its young families to its senior citizens. She is committed to convening the approving bodies for timely serious discussions about what and how to provide the services expected by our citizens.

Letter: Best Practice for New Canaan

There are five Charter Revision questions on the ballot this Nov. 8. The one that has received the most attention is whether the first selectman of New Canaan should be the chairman of the Board of Finance or not. Currently, thefirst selectman, with the Board of Selectmen, appoints the Board of Finance members, chairs the meetings and casts a tie-breaking vote. Speaking from over 20 years’ experience in operations and compliance in the financial services industry, this is not optimal from an operational standpoint.