New Canaan Food Revolution

The New Canaan Food Revolution, inspired by Jamie Oliver returns for a FIFTH year on Saturday, May 18th between 9.30am – 11:30am. The Bravery Passport and Food Trail was created by local resident Rachel Lampen to encourage children of all ages to sample small bites that they would never normally try. Food they haven’t heard of, food that looks or smells different or food that just sounds weird. In previous years, parents have been amazed to see their children’s food barriers broken down as they try everything from Kale Smoothies, to Snails! Nowadays children AND adults are encouraged to participate – as long as you are wearing a special wristband.

Officials: No Public Signs on Town Hall, Vine Cottage Front Lawns

The Board of Selectmen will disallow the display of all public signs at the new Town Hall and Vine Cottage—a practice that planning officials have spoken out against—following a new policy adopted July 21. In making the change, the selectmen said they wished to preserver the aesthetics of the newly renovated Town Hall facility. “I love free speech, I love communications, I love transparency, but I don’t want to see our brand new Town Hall cluttered with signs,” Selectmen Nick Williams said at the meeting, held in the Training Room at the New Canaan Police Department. The policy change extends to the busy Vine Cottage corner, which had absorbed public signs during the Town Hall construction project, and which the board acknowledged was another prime location for displaying public communications. Citing clutter in front of the newly constructed Town Hall, Williams, Selectman Beth Jones, and First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said they felt the Internet and other locations around town provided ample opportunity to inform the public of news and events.