New Canaan Dad Launches Web-Based Service That Connects ‘Teachers Who Tutor’ with Students Who Need Them

Had he been willing to pack up his family and relocate from New Canaan—say, to San Francisco, Boston, Phoenix or Charlotte—Steve Eno may never have hit on an idea for his own business this summer. Caught in a startup company’s layoff two years ago, the father of two daughters has been searching for work and “it’s been a tough process, because we’re not in a position to move with the kids in school and my wife working,” Eno, 55, said on a recent morning. “Much to my surprise, there are still a huge amount of companies that are really focused on having everybody in one place,” he said. Eventually, Eno started thinking about something he could manage on his own, and soon hit on a market he judged—both as a parent and career marketing and customer service professional (GE, American Express, Citigroup)—to be in demand and under-served. Within weeks, he launched Teachers Who Tutor CT, a user-friendly website that addresses the needs of both qualified teachers seeking tutoring jobs and the parents and students who need them, through an online service.