Did You Hear … ?

East School and South School families did the best job attending school on the Friday prior to February break, according to data obtained by NewCanaanite.com. Though each of the New Canaan Public Schools saw a drop from average attendance rates on that day (and it even started on Thursday—see below), none saw a steeper decline than the high school, followed by the fifth grade, and then West. Here’s the data:



The Town Clerk’s office recorded just one property transfer last week:

183 South Avenue, Unit 23 was sold for $800,000 by Rose Parsons Lynch estate to Angelina Carpi. ***

The Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department at 10:13 a.m. on Feb. 25 responded to an Oak Street home on a report of squirrel loose in the house.

New Canaan Boys Basketball Falls to Wilton 62-47

From convincing to confounding. Just two days removed from a nearly flawless blowout win over Bridgeport Central, the New Canaan Rams dug themselves into an early hole Wednesday night at Wilton’s Zeoli Field House, ultimately falling to the Warriors 62-47. New Canaan (4-14, 3-11 FCIAC) couldn’t get things going offensively in the early going, trailing 14-4 after one quarter and 29-12 at the half.  Wilton built a 20 point lead early in the second half, as the Warriors completely out-worked the Rams on the offensive glass, leading to multiple second-chance scores. The Rams fought back, eventually pulling to within 49-41 with just under 4 minutes left to play in the fourth. Wilton, however, reeled off an 8-1 run to put the game away, earning a huge win in terms of FCIAC post-season positioning and foiling New Canaan’s hopes of playing spoiler.

New Canaan Boys Basketball Routs Bridgeport Central 80-34

With a winter weather warning forecast for the area Monday night, tipoff for the New Canaan-Bridgeport Central boys basketball game was changed twice, moving from 7 p.m. to 4, then ultimately to 2:30. By the time the game ended, the Hilltoppers were probably wishing it had been cancelled altogether. In perhaps their most impressive performance in years the Rams blew out Central 80-34 in front of a shell-shocked home crowd, unused to such domination in recent memory. “I’ve never seen that in my time here,” New Canaan head coach Mike Evans told NewCanaanite.com. “With the last three games against all against legitimate opponents [Wilton, Danbury and Greenwich], this is the best way it could have gone.”

For New Canaan (4-13, 3-10 FCIAC) the scoring output was the highest non-OT total since March 3rd, 2008 when a great Will Hanley-led squad knocked off East Lyme 92-42 in the first round of the Class L playoffs.

New Canaan Rams Boys Basketball Edges Staples 57-55

For a few moments on Tuesday night it looked like it would be the same old story for the New Canaan Rams boys basketball team. After watching a big first half lead dissipate and eventually turn into a late fourth quarter deficit, the Rams seemed destined to go down to yet another heartbreaking loss. Instead, the Rams found a way to turn the tables—and their fortune—completely around. Sophomore Nick Crovatto’s driving layup with less than 8 seconds to play broke a 55-55 tie as the Rams defeated Staples 57-55 at New Canaan High School. The win avenged a 48-23 December loss to the Wreckers and was the first for New Canaan (3-12, 2-9 FCIAC) in almost a month—a month that has seen the Rams flirt with victory several times only to fall in the end, a trend head coach Mike Evans hopes is behind his team.

New Canaan High School 2nd Quarter Honor, High Honor Rolls

Congratulations to all of these students, and many thanks to the administration for supplying this list. Below, please find each grade’s high honors and honors lists, with students listed alphabetically for each category. Grade 12 High Honors

Kelsey Allen
Daniel Annulli
Jonathan Betack
Sophia Bozzella
Sara Brindisi
Aidan Buck
Caroline Busch
Kathryn Callahan
Brett Capone
David Carratu
Amelia Carroll
Andrew Chalon
Claire Conley
Emily Conley
Taylor Corbett
Theodore Crowley
Jennifer Daly
Gwen Davidson
David Dayya
Alejandra Deambrosio
Julia DeNey
Cameron Devitt
Kyle Dolphin
John Donaldson
Matthew Donaldson
Katharine Donovan
Benjamin Durkin
Abigail Farley
Jacob Freedgood
Katharine Freiberg
Robert Fusek
Joseph Gelhaus
Ethan Geller
Alexis Gelston
Kendall Genzburg
Caroline Gordon
Arthur Hall
Eleanor Hersam
John Hetherington
Olivia Hunsinger
Jane Isherwood
Andrew Jahns
Sean Jensen
Elizabeth Kaliff
Kaitlin Karr
Sydney Kazlauskas
Charlotte Kilbride
Audrey Kirkpatrick
Joshua Klapper
Daniel Korsun
Daniel Kushner
Samuel Larson
Peter Lavieri
Jennifer Levine
Rafael Lovas
Spencer Loweth
Brian Maccalla
Katherine Marciano
Isabel Marshall
Gretchen McCarthy
Katherine McMahon
Kyle Mettler
Cara Michael
Claire Moyle
James Neville
John O’Neill
Charles Pitteway
Isabel Pollish
Philippa Prior
Nicholas Ranieri
Jane Reed
Christopher Reik
Logan Ritch
Regina Rivera
Chloe Rosenberg
Katrina Saitta
Emilia Savini
Isabella Savini
Alec Schnapp
David Strupp
William Tingley
Peter Trahanas
Miles Turpin
Darrell Valenti
Ellie Von Oehsen
Lauren Weingarten
Kristen Weisenseel
Hailey Wheeler
Alexandra Whitaker
David Wilson
Mary Wise
Catherine Wright

Grade 11 High Honors

Bhaskar Abhiraman
William Ahrens
Rachel Annulli
Jackson Appelt
Ellery Baran
Brittany Barber
Olivia Barden
Kaylin Bean
Melissa Beck
Matthew Berger
Elizabeth Bochicchio
Graham Braden
Meghan Brady
Shannon Bucci
Caroline Budd
Jackson Butler
Jason Campe
Lauren Carlson
Gregory Catalano
Lauren Catalano
Jennifer Ceci
Julia Charkales
Amy Chu
Haley Conde
Faustino Cortina
Courtney Coutts
James Crovatto
Madeleine Culpepper
John Cunney
Edward Dahill
Emma Dahill
Camaren Dayton
Trevor De Ghenghi
Abigail Deery
Maggie DeFrancesco
Shea Delehaunty
Catherine Ellsworth
Laura Endres
Angelina Fagundes
Andrea Fallaque
Katharine Ferguson
Mariana Ferreira
Paige Freyre
Casey Gallup
Luis Gonzalez-Miranda
Christopher Greene
Annalee Greenspon
Anne Greer
Jefferson Grigsby
Francesca Guynn
Eliza Haney
Christopher Harte
Humza Hasan
Quinn Hays
Caitlin Hevesy
Tyler Hill
Jack Hoelzer
Robert Hoover
Howard Krog
Kimberly Hynes
Graham Jameson
Molly Keshin
Rachel Keshin
Samuel Klearman
Joshua Kloud
Leila Koochek
Katherine Kurz
Katherine Kushner
Alexander Lambrinos
Ellen Ludtke
Dana Lurie
Anna Lysenko
Grace Manges
Connor McDevitt
George McMahon
Alexander Merjian
Lauren Meyers
Britney Millington
Rajon Mitchell
Hazel Montano
Aurelie Moutran
Caileigh Murray
John Norton
Mackenzie O’Malley
Maria Oliveira
Sofia Paloka
Austin Pelli
Michael Pelli
Samantha Pepe
Hugo Potter
Charlotte Pratt
Bailey Reehl
Cameron Rhind
Robert Rocco
Molly Rochlin
Thomas Root
Tess Rosenberg
Carroll Rudman
Elizabeth Rudman
Graham Russell
Kyliemae Schaffer
Camryn Schlim
Rebecca Serven
Weston Shanley
James Shapiro
Andrew Shizari
Sandra Sigurgeirsdottir
Patrick Song
Michael St. George
Justin Stemerman
Samuel Stoner
William Sturcke
Avery Sturm
Gabriella Sulpizi
Ashley Tedford
Margaret Tensen
Natalia Tomczak
Fredericka Trahanas
Carolyn Valenti
Sarah Van de Graaf
Daniel Villeneuve
Russell Walker
Riley Ward
Charles Wilson
Peter Windas
Katherine Zaborowska

Grade 10 High Honors

Caroline Addeo
Nathan Aliapoulios
Alexandra Allen
Carson Allsteadt
Anenya Ansh
Carl Henry Asker
Jillian Augustine
Henry Baer
Emma Barker
Sarah Bazata
Lauren Berardino
Cameron Blair
Josephine Bossidy
Amelia Boyd
Grace Brady
Tyler Brennan
Sydney Britt
Gianna Bruno
Karlie Bucci
Caroline Callahan
Lauren Capone
Caroline Challe
Leigh Charlton
Alexandra Clay
Nathaniel Clay
Erik Cohen
Elizabeth Colwell
Erin Corbett
Paulina Cortina
Lucas Crawford
Kendall Curtin
Brooke Deane
Mackenzie Deane
Lily Decker
Braeden Dial
William Dooley
John Dunn
Caroline Eno
Eliza Farley
Wesley Farley
Katharine Fatoullah
Benjamin Fishman
Zachary Fishman
Brooks Gammill
Samuel Garner
Christina Gehnrich
Elizabeth Gehnrich
Olivia Germann
William Gervase
Abigail Graham
Sophie Graham
Victoria Gray
Caroline Grogan
Kyle Hagan
Grant Hanauer
Charlie Hane
Samuel Havard
James Hirai
Brandon Hruska
Robert Hynes
Wenjun Jiang
Kelsey Johnson
Josiah Jones
Zoe Jones
Cole Kammerer
Kaitlin Kearns
Sydney Kend
Sean Knight
Max Koschnitzke
Jacqueline Lampert
Julianna Leung
Catherine Levine
Noah Levine
Katherine Lindberg
Cassidy Little
Katherine Lydon
Chloe McAuliffe
Elizabeth McCarthy
Quinn McMahon
Danyel Meahan
Katherine Mettler
Camden Nelson
Alexandra Neugeboren
Annaleah Neugeboren
Jacqueline Newlin
Regan O’Malley
Logan Otis
Julia Ozimek
Eva Pace
Samuel Parmelee
Jessica Parrino
Kaitlyn Piotroski
Spencer Reeves
Katherine Reiss
Thomas Richardson
Isabella Rocha
Maria Rucci
Hayley Salvatore
Timothy Scranton
Jackson Selvala
Ayla Senna
Peter Sensbach
Joshua Siegel
Emma Smith
Rachel Smith
Fatima Sonday
Zoe Spencer
Emma St. Raymond
Luke Stewart
Sarah Street
Chase Strupp
Lauren Sturm
Caroline Sweeney
Amy Tan
Alana Tonghini
Cristobal Toro
Florencia Toro
Jasper Tucker
Alexander Urbahn
Megan Waldron
Morgan Walling
Rebecca Walshin
Grant Wang
John Warner
Abigail Weiss
Nicole Weiss
Anouk Werthmueller
Dylan Wietfeldt
Kent Williams
Sophie Wood
Alexander Zarikos

Grade 9 High Honors

Joelle Anselmo
Kelly Barker
Erin Bean
Lenore Belodeau
Lauren Bisceglia
Jessica Boolukos
Catherine Bopp
Kevin Brunner
Whitney Bryant
Andie Carroll
Caroline Cioffi
Adam Colton
William Comyns
Brielle Connelly
Lucy Coutts
Oliver Crookenden
Patrick Crookenden
Luke Crowley
Christian D’Virgilio
Reid Dahill
Taylor DeVito
Nathan Dobbs
Jessica Dolby
Emily Dowdle
Julianne Dunn
Jessica Eccleston
Danielle Emond
Gray Farley
Griffin Fill
Olivia Flaherty-Lovy
Eileen Flynn
Victoria Furlan
Emma Garner
Patrick Granito
Elizabeth Greer
Clark Grigsby
Griffin Grise
Bridget Haley
Kacy Haydu
Ryan Hernandez
Amanda Hill
Erik Hoets
Kendall Holland
Kayla Homan
Katherine Jahns
Delaney Kliavkoff
Meghan Kloud
Samantha Kortekaas
Tyler Kortekaas
Ryan Kurtzman
Sophie Lamaker
Ryan Levene
Benjamin Levin
Tyler Liffmann
Maximilian Lindeis
Jennifer Loomis
Daniel Lu
Edward Manges
Christina Marciano
Theresa Marciano
Solomeya Marynovych
Josephine Matyszewski
Caroline Mayock
Kaleigh McCarthy
Anna Meli
Grant Mellinger
Liam Mennitt
Katharine Miller
Jia Yao Mize
Kaitlyn Mulcahy
Emily Murphy
Katherine Murphy
Jack O’Hare
Aditya Ogale
Liam Orr
Ann Pakhayev
Jordan Paterson
Kendall Patten
Jessica Penman
Max Plum
Kathleen Reeves
Candelaria Reyes
Jonathan Richardson
Jacob Ritz
VeNae Rosdahl
Claire Ross
Kiera Russo
Luke Rwambuya
Emily Ryan
Isabella Salant
Benjamin Sarda
Caroline Schuh
Dylan Shane
Christian Sibbett
Nathan Sibbett
Michelle Siegel
Chloe Sigg
John Slattery
Katherine Sloan
Alexis Smith
Celia Sokolowski
Sarah Spadaccini
Meera Srinivasan
Chloe Stanley
Chloe Stein
Alessandro Sulpizi
Julia Tamburro
Natasha Tchir
Elizabeth Tedford
Gwynneth Tenney
Elaina Tiller
Katherine Unger
Nicole Vanderlee
Gwenan Walker
George Wang
Julia Weitz
Conor West
Emma Wheeler

Grade 12 Honors

Krishen Adalja
Elena Aliapoulios
Connor Ashley
Rhian Ball
Sean Berry
Rachel Beyer
Luke Brand
Olivia Buzzeo
Chase Casali
Madeline Castle
Matthew Chan
Belinda Charles
Berlin Charles
Justin Clark
Emma Clay
Kyle Clements
Hunter Collins
Katherine Colwell
Katelyn Conner
Liam Curtin
Mark DeFranco
Connor DeMayo
Jack Dinnie
Amanda Dobbin
William Duplock
Meghan Egan
Tyler Ferraro
Emma Flynn
Caroline Garrity
Katherine Gervase
Catherine Granito
Asa Gray
Quentin Gress
Ryan Gress
Sheena Gupta
Nicholas Ha
Rachel Hardy
John Havard
David Havens
James Hedlund
Albert Huang
Catherine Hughes
Chase Jansen
Zoe Jensen
Tom Kalinowski
Grayson Kane
Madison Kane
Morgan Kaplan
Julia Koller
Kelsey Krolikowski
Katharine Kuchinski
Brooke Leddy
Jiacheng Liu
Meredith Luchs
Leanne Macaione
Innes MacKenzie
Bridget MacKimm
Kelly Makela
Alyssa Malner
Maxwell Marsh
Ryan McGough
Paige Meintzer
Isabella Montgomery
David Noonan
Michaela O’Hara
Elizabeth O’Hare
Schuyler O’Mahony
Richard Oehmler
Kirsten Ostling
Kaylee Paladino
Sarah Panella
Griffin Paterson
Samantha Penman
Claire Perry
Madeleine Pla
Nicole Pla
Isabelle Porter
Ryan Radecki
Lincoln Read
Jane Reddan
Julianne Reilly
Thomas Reynolds
Charles Rhodes
Ryan Rigione
Mary Ripley
Dewlin Rosdahl
Maharshee Roy
Sophie Salomon
Kaitlyn Sandvik
Sabrina Santoni
Kieran Schaney
John Shannon
Robert Sillo
Jordan Smith
Samantha Sorbara
Justin Swift
Mary Taylor
Nicholas Thorkilsen
Jarrett Torromeo
Emily Walshin
Margot Weiss
Benjamin John Wells
Erin Williams
Thomas Williams
Charles Wood
Victoria Worcester

Grade 11 Honors

Lauren Achille
Dariush Amir-Aslani
Andrew Bauersfeld
Austin Bell
Leighton Belmont
Sofia Berg
Matthew Bisceglia
Tiernan Brady
Carly Bryant
Matthew Burger
Alexander Butenhoff
Claire Campbell
Abigail Condon
Katherine Conese
Morgan Connelly
Sawyer Cordes
Andrew Cronin
Abigail Crowley
William Curren
Kavya Dagli
Drew Davis
Matthew DePalo
Peter DeSantis
Spencer DeVito
Bennett Dial
Dominika Dojnikowski
Troy Dunnam
Austin duPont
Kimberly Dyrvik
Alexandra Esposito
Maria Fagerstal
Daniel Fairchild
Wesley Fales
James Freyre
Ricardo Garay
Alice Gelhaus
Hannah Gelnaw
Harry Gelnaw
Kimberly Genuario
Casey Gertsen
Thomas Gilio
Edward Greenspon
Charles Grow
Maisie Henesey
Edward Holappa
Brooke Holland
Rikke Holst
Evelyn Jensen
Trevor Jones
Carolyn Kemp
Abigail Ker
Andrew Knight
Caroline Knightly
Trevor Konspore
Emma Korman
Matthew Krueger
Jason Kurtzman
Caroline Leeber
Austin Leopold
Emily Lynch
Richard Magnus
Isabella Marciano
Sebastian Mauleon
Caroline McCauley
Kelly McClymonds
Julia Means
Francis Mendoza
Ryan Mennitt
Dylan Miles
Liam Mooney
Adrianna Morina
Andrew Morris
David Morse
Siobhan Naughton
Isabel Neeleman
Alexandra Nesbett
Bradley Newton
Michael Nikolla
Emma Nolan
Ryan O’Connell
John O’Connor
Brendan O’Halloran
Meghan O’Hora
Kameron Ong
Margaret Owen
Abhinav Pal
Daniel Warren Park
Joseph Peiser
Thomas Philipson
Kailey Pickhardt
Tessa Piontkowski
Giuliana Ponterotto
Siena Potenza
Trescher Prins
John Pugliese
Jack Rechtermann
Brooks Rosenberg
Margareta Ross
Edward Rudman
Ryan Russo
Avery Salomon
Brian Sandor
Holly Santero
William Santora
Matthew Schlegel
Caitlin Schultz
John Serena
Paige Skyrm
Evelyn Smith
Madeleine Smith
Hannah Socci
Stanislaw Sokolowski
Alexandra Soro
Maximilian Soyref
Madison Starr
William Stoner
Michael Svagdis
Ronja Svensk
Tyler Sweeney
Michael Talamo
Clare Tedesco
Gwyneth Thalacker
Claire Tierney
Joseph Turner
Jack Webster
Sophia Welch
Spencer Williams
Margaret Wise
Isabelle Yee

Grade 10 Honors

Griffin Arnone
Samantha Axon
Andrew Baker
Nicoletta Bonsanti
Nathaniel Bozzella
Cali Brannan
Olivia Buckley
Charles Burns
Grant Carlson
Caroline Castle
Jake Ciancio
Eric Cimino
Mary Cioffi
Benjamin Conley
Jack Conroy
William Crane-Morris
Nicholas Crovatto
Seamus Curtin
Michael Dayya
Kyle DeMayo
Luigi DeRubeis
Catherine Doytcheva
Anne Farley
Timothy Ferm
Chase Fichtner
John Frey
Jane Gesing
Samuel Gilman
Michael Grise
Eugene Grogan
Spencer Handler
Dylan Healey
Meredith Heaney
Shafer Jones
Jessica Kalinowski
Cassidy Kane
Gillian Kane
Kyle Karr
David Kelly
Katherine Kennelly
Danielle Klapper
Lorelei Knadler
Matthew Knight
Catherine Koennecke
Reilly Krug
Annabelle Krystman
Nichole LaBadie
Nicholas LaMorte
Emma Leddy
Robert Loonie
Elizabeth Luchs
Dominic Maitino
Emily Malner
Sean Manzella
Alyssa Marotta
Nicole Martin Alarcon
Molly Mazabras
Kyle McDonald
Erin McGoldrick
Freia Mierendorf
Zachary Miller
Isabela Montano
Grant Morse
Riley Mottolese
Eden Neleman
Jake Neuberger
Rosemary O’Neill
Anika Orndahl
Alexander Orwicz
Ashlyn Pace
Rachel Panzano
James Parmelee
Allison Pitts
Elizabeth Pohle
Alexander Popov
Sophie Price
Martina Radoslavov
Kiara Roeder-Yika
Robert Russo
Maeve Selvaggi
Owen Shin
Jake Sloane
Elektra Smicka
Lauren Smith
Charlotte Spruck
Lauren Thompson
Hailey Towbin
Michael Tuffy
Isabella Vigliotti
John Volpe
Clare Wagner
Ashley Walker
Kendall Webb
Andrew Weitz
Lucy Wilks
Jackson Yancy
Sarah Young

Grade 9 Honors

Audrey Adl
Aurelio Alvarez
Allison Beck
Kayla Beck
Mia Berg
Abigail Bergenheim
Margaryta Bilokin
Caitlin Blair
Jackson Braden
Aiden Bramwit
Matthew Brand
Margaux Brennan
Emily Bryant
Lauren Canet
Matthew Chalon
Ethan Chau
Bridget Cleary
Matthew Cosco
Olivia Cosco
Caroline Cronin
Katherine Cutler
Esha Dagli
Skyler Davidson
Alexandra De Ghenghi
Jack DeFrancesco
Ryan Dolphin
Ava Edmonds
Richard Ettinger
Maxwell Findlay
Maxwell Fonss
John Gabriel
Skylar Gagne
Briggs Gammill
Ella Goodman
Charlotte Hamilton
Timothy Hardy
Maxwell Harrell
Morgan Hibbert
Holden Hobbs
Andrew Jordan
Robert Ker
Dylan Koproski
Ryan Krolikowski
Campbell Lewis
Diego Lezcano Garcia
John Luther
Wyatt Lysenko
Elizabeth Marsh
Caitlin McCarthy
John McCarthy
Christina McGough
Matthew McLallen
Sharanya Mukherjee
Aiden Murphy
Stephanie Murphy
Robert Naughton
Luke Nolan
Quintin O’Connell
Caroline O’Dea
Sean O’Neill
William O’Neill
Jackson 0ehmler
India Otero
John Peiser
Matthew Pelli
Lance Phillips
Shane Pickering
Peter Radman
Alexander Rashad
William Rechtermann
Emma Reilly
George Richardson
Layla Riddle
Nicholas Roeder-Yika
Grace Ruksznis
Julia Salvatore
Nicolas Savini
Sarah Seelert
Emily Shizari
Kara Simko
James Singer
Harrison James Skyrm
Summer Sloane
Erin Spiess
Madeleine Sturcke
Ashley Sztam
Caroline Thompson
Nathiya Vasantha Kumaran
Mikaylah Vindas
Colin Welch
Wyatt Wilson
Annie Zaffino