Facing Fines, Parade Hill Road Homeowner To Move Big Shed Off Property Line

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Addressing a zoning violation that dates back to the fall, the owner of a Parade Hill Road property has vowed to move this spring a large freestanding shed located at the end of his driveway away a property line, enforcement officials say.

That’s the shed, with the blue tarp on it. Credit: Michael Dinan

According to a Zoning Fine Warning Notice obtained by NewCanaanite.com following a Freedom of Information Act request, a zoning enforcement officer on Oct. 20 notified the owner of the .17-acre property at 37 Parade Hill Road that the large shed set against a side yard property line to the south is in violation of the New Canaan Zoning Regulations.

Specifically, an accessory structure in the B Residential zone must allow for an 8-foot setback (see page 58 here).

The property includes a 1,147-square-foot ranch-style house, and the shed as seen from the public roadway appears to sit along its edge, up against a fence that separates 37 Parade Hill Road from its neighbor.

The property was purchased for $450,000 in September 2015, tax records show. It’s owned by a limited liability company whose principal is a Turtleback Road woman, according to Connecticut Secretary of the State records.

According to the warning notice, New Canaan 30 business days following its issuance could have started penalizing the homeowner at a rate of $150 per day.

Asked about the issue, a zoning enforcement officer in the Planning & Zoning Department said the town has been in communication with the property owner, who has indicated that the shed will be shifted toward the middle of the property as soon as the ground thaws enough to make it level there.

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