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Letter: Christa Kenin Has the Right Work Ethic, Temperament for Selectman

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Christa Kenin for selectman. Christa is a very bright and energetic person who really gets things done. She has garnered great praise as a talented, dynamic, and hard-working member of Town Council. I was pleased to have significant first-hand experience with her ability when the Charter Revision Commission presented its draft report to the Town Council for their consideration. As a Town Council member, Christa really took her responsibility very seriously, dug into the whole report, and did a lot of high-quality homework of her own, reviewing our proposals and challenging our conclusions. Continue Reading →

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RTC Announces Two Republican Debates Ahead of July 18 Caucus; First One Next Week

The New Canaan Republican Town Committee on Monday announced that the organization is sponsoring a pair of debates ahead of the party’s July 18 caucus—a widely anticipated day that will see candidates in three contested races seek party backing. Featuring all Republican candidates running in contested races for town government, the first debate is to be held at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, June 27 in the large meeting room at Town Hall, the RTC said in a press release. The second will be held July 12, also at Town Hall. Those running include:

First Selectman

Cristina A. Ross
Rob Mallozzi
Kevin Moynihan


Christa Kenin
Nick Williams

Town Council (four seats open)

Roy Abramowitz
Tom Butterworth
John Engel
Mike Mauro
Richard Townsend
Penny Young and the New Canaan Advertiser are supporting the RTC debates. The debates will be broadcast by NCTV Channel 79, according to the RTC. Continue Reading →

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Republican Cristina A. Ross Enters New Canaan First Selectman Race

A third Republican on Monday threw her hat into the ring in what has become a highly competitive race to secure party backing for the town’s highest elected position. Cristina A. Ross, a New Canaan resident for 26 years, professional architect and Town Council member for two years who had spent 10 years on the Parks & Recreation Commission, announced her candidacy for first selectman during a press event at Town Hall. Saying her priority would be “strengthening the New Canaan community by establishing a framework for the delivery of services with full accountability and transparency as a method of doing business,” Ross said in a prepared statement that she would focus on boosting property sales by decking the parking lots at the Lumberyard and Talmadge Hill, controlling tax increases, bringing in natural gas and improving communications within town government. Asked about the last point specifically, Ross told “There is a lack of communication between the Board of Selectmen and town departments, whether that is the Town Council or P&Z and that has been voiced on different occasions by different people, that we are not included in some of the goals set and we hear about it when the time comes to vote on it and the decision is already made. Not being able to raise a voice and a concern and suggest alternatives is a detriment to the function of being a public official.”

She joins two fellow Republicans in seeking party backing at the July 18 caucus: First Selectman Rob Mallozzi announced in March that he will seek a fourth term in the office, and fellow town councilman Kevin Moyhihan on May 30 announced that he was running for first selectman. Continue Reading →

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Christa Kenin Announces Candidacy for Selectman, Widening Republican Pool

Christa Kenin, a Republican who has served for two years on the Town Council, on Thursday afternoon announced her candidacy for the position of selectman. A former president of the Newcomers Club who also has served on the West School PTC, Kenin is an attorney by profession who said she represents transparency, innovation and hard work. In a statement issued to the local press, Kenin said some of her priorities are to “address our commuter parking shortage, create more comprehensive cell service in a sensible manner and keep our downtown vibrant.”

“I’ve studied up,” she said. “I’ve thoughtfully observed. I’ve listened to people both inside and outside of our local government.”

Kenin listed the subcommittees she’s worked on as a councilman and said she’s attended other meetings of municipal boards and commissions. Continue Reading →

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Town Officials Seek Details on Nature Center’s Finances, Use of Buildings

[Editor’s Note: After hearing concerns from someTown Building Evaluation and Use Committee members that their comments had been taken out of context, we added a full and unedited audio file from this portion of the public meeting to the top of this article.]

With an eye on prioritizing capital maintenance and spending, officials say they’re seeking detailed information from the New Canaan Nature Center about how the organization’s various programs use the town-owned buildings that form its campus. The Nature Center uses one set of books for its entire business–including financially successful enterprises such as camp and a popular nursery school—though it isn’t clear just now whether capital investments earmarked for the Oenoke Ridge Road campus are commensurate with those revenue-drivers, according to members of a committee that’s studying town-owned buildings throughout New Canaan. “What we are trying to do is find out whether there is an opportunity for the town to use resources better, and then make informed decisions about where we should do that,” Amy Murphy Carroll, co-chair of the Town Building Evaluation and Use Committee, said at the group’s most recent meeting. “So for instance, the gift shop—there is a revenue line for that of X amount—it’s really pretty minimal and there is lot of space for the gift shop,” Carroll said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Appointed in February, the committee’s members also include Penny Young (co-chair), Ben Bilus (secretary), Neil Budnick, Bill Holmes, Christa Kenin and Martin Skrelunas. Continue Reading →

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