Letter to BOE: Find a Way To Move Forward with School Start Times Change

Dear BOE,

Although the TC’s vote Thursday night to cut $1 million is disappointing, I hope you will still honor your policy decision to start school times later. 

Your belief in the policy has not changed. The science has not changed. Only your ability to achieve this goal has been challenged. Yes, these are tough times. Everyone will be doing more with less this year. However, the science of sleep and our children’s health must prevail—even in these times. Especially in these times. So yes, something else will have to fall away. However, there is no program or administrator more important than their health. I encourage you all to do what may seem like the impossible. To find a way to still move forward with later start times given the now approved budget. It is ironic, inconsistent and downright foolish for us as a society to faithfully adhere to the CDC’s Guidelines per this virus and then to disregard that same organization’s guidelines regarding the science of sleep for middle/high school students. 

Clearly, I’m preaching to the choir.

Letter: Daniel LaGattuta for Board of Education

Dear Editor,

Please join me in supporting Daniel LaGattuta for a Board of Education position at next week’s Republican Caucus. I had the pleasure of first meeting Daniel eight years ago through the New Canaan Newcomers Club and have spent many summers with his family at the Waveny Pool.  

He is extremely well educated—BA from NYU in mathematics and political science and a PhD in Economics from MIT. He has spent his recent years founding and running, Learning & the Brain, a company that provides professional development for K through12 educators through the creation of education conferences, one-day seminars and summer institutes. 

The combination of his education and career pursuits gives Daniel a unique perspective that would greatly benefit our Board of Education. He is thoughtful and well researched.