Letter: Daniel LaGattuta for Board of Education


New Canaan High School. Credit: Michael Dinan

Dear Editor,

Please join me in supporting Daniel LaGattuta for a Board of Education position at next week’s Republican Caucus. I had the pleasure of first meeting Daniel eight years ago through the New Canaan Newcomers Club and have spent many summers with his family at the Waveny Pool.  

He is extremely well educated—BA from NYU in mathematics and political science and a PhD in Economics from MIT. He has spent his recent years founding and running, Learning & the Brain, a company that provides professional development for K through12 educators through the creation of education conferences, one-day seminars and summer institutes. 

The combination of his education and career pursuits gives Daniel a unique perspective that would greatly benefit our Board of Education. He is thoughtful and well researched. In addition to being fiscally conservative, he supports the concept of a later school start time, thoughtfully executed.

I am delighted that Daniel is stepping up to the plate to ensure the continued success of our fantastic school system. I am wishing Daniel great success next week and in November.


Christa Kenin
Town Council member

5 thoughts on “Letter: Daniel LaGattuta for Board of Education

  1. $100,000,000+ $$$$ The real number for education spending is over $100 million if you look at the Towns financial report each year which show the money that was spent — this includes Bonding and off budget money that was given to the BOE — we do need a BOE that is not afraid to ask questions

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