Letter: Bob Naughton for Board of Education


Please join me and vote for Bob Naughton for Board of Education at the Republican Caucus on Tuesday, July 16th. 

Bob’s extensive private sector experience in the education field combined with his knowledge of our community make him the ideal candidate. Bob is currently the Chief Technology Officer of an educational assessment company in NYC and he has been in the education industry for close to a decade. Additionally, Bob and has worked in the technology field for almost 30 years.

Bob would bring a unique perspective to the Board of Education as he understands both the business of education and technology’s role in today’s schools. Given his education and technology background, Bob will be able to help identify ways to increase the efficiency of our school system without impacting the high level of education we currently enjoy.

Bob believes that the Board’s decision-making process should be transparent to keep community members fully informed. He is a proponent of including residents at each stage of the process, so that the end result best reflects the needs of the community.

New Canaan would be lucky to have a competent, thoughtful businessman helping to govern our public schools. Let’s vote for Bob Naughton for Board of Education.

Jeff Platt

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