Letter: New Canaan Fortunate for Robin Bates-Mason’s Service

As a father of five who has had the privilege of calling New Canaan home for the last 30 years, I care deeply about the choices made in Town Hall. As an unaffiliated voter, I represent a growing demographic in New Canaan. We value our independent thinking, and expect the government that represents us to reflect our values regardless of political orientation. 

As a concerned resident, I believe my priorities mirror those of my neighbors: the preservation of the aspects of town we cherish such as its character and a commitment to the modernizations that encourage our town to flourish, with a renewed dedication to fiscally minded decision-making. 

New Canaan’s viability rests on our ability to be sustainable in every sense of the word, and encompasses every aspect of our community and its governance. These entities are all intricately connected and require an adept municipal government that is knowledgeable about relevant information, willing to take on the work to become conversant on new topics, and familiar with the processes and nuances implicit to town management. As I have gotten to know Robin Bates-Mason it has become evident that she—because of her career, community involvement, affability, and perseverance—is someone who can isolate issues, relate to others, collaborate towards a solution, and get the job done. 

Robin is distinctly capable as both a valuable group member, and as a leader when necessary.

Letter: Local Government Must Be More Inclusive

Much has been said about inclusion, or lack thereof, in the decision-making process of our town government. It’s my opinion that the process needs to be more inclusive—not for any particular individual, but for the community as a whole. There appears to be a bias against providing town residents with information about proposed process changes and/or projects at the beginnings of discussions about those efforts. The argument against inclusion seems to go something like, “If you want a project to flourish, keep it out of the public eye in the early phases or it will never get off the ground.”

I would respectfully observe that early feedback is invaluable in shaping a project. If the work is done with an absence of participants, then mistakes are inevitable.

Letter: Moynihan-Williams Team ‘Brings Numerous Accomplishments’

As we kick off Election 2019 I couldn’t be more pleased to support Kevin Moynihan for First Selectman and Nick Williams for Selectman. They are strong, dedicated and forward-thinking leaders who have served New Canaan with extraordinary focus on the issues facing our community. This team brings numerous accomplishments, with overarching concerns for preservation of our historic past, and ensuring a bright, sustainable future. Waveny Park field/trails/gardens are being rejuvenated through the public-private partnership with the Waveny Park Conservancy; Waveny house is receiving needed repairs and soon will be ADA accessible for people of all abilities. Solar energy has been brought to several town-owned buildings and schools; natural gas has arrived in Town; both projects have brought significant savings to our budgets.

Letter: New Canaan Should Re-Elect Moynihan and Williams

The citizens of New Canaan should re-elect Kevin Moynihan as First Selectman and Nick Williams as Selectman for the Town of New Canaan. On November 5th our community will have the opportunity to show our support for the continued leadership of Moynihan and Williams. The duo has already proven their ability to work together with a balanced approach in order to drive our town forward. Their accomplishments to date are numerous, and it is imperative that we allow them to continue and complete their positive initiatives. Kevin and Nick have lived in our town for more than 20 years each and have an intimate understanding of how town government works. Their years of service in numerous capacities of government, school and volunteer organizations gives them a strong appreciation of what matters most to their constituents.

Letter: Robin Bates-Mason for Town Council

Robin Bates-Mason would make a fine member of the Town Council. Robin grew up in Darien and has lived in New Canaan for 20 years — she knows this area well. She has two sons at New Canaan High School. Robin organized and leads Planet New Canaan where I have observed firsthand her knowledge, caring and energy helping New Canaan to be more green, to deal with plastic bags, to pick up litter, to educate school kids and adults with speakers and films, along with many other efforts. New Canaan is recycling less of its waste and spending substantially more than nearby towns on waste disposal.