3 thoughts on “ARPA Funds: Selectmen Recommend $177,750 in ‘Premium Pay’ for 240 Municipal Workers and Volunteers

  1. I am hopeful that School Nurses are included in the funding for school staff. They worked diligently in many school and community areas to support ongoing pandemic management.

  2. How about putting the rest towards lowering the tax rate a bit or saving the 1913 library – Since most of the tax payers were not allowed to use the government parks or library in person for part of this nightmare.

    • Todd, ARPA funds cannot be used to offset tax reductions or delay a tax or tax increase.

      As you may already know and has been discussed in past comment threads, this was one condition of P&Z’s approval of the library’s project in July: “Within a hundred and twenty days (120) after the effective date of approval the New Canaan Library shall work with the Town Planner and if desired by the Commission or Town Planner, an external adviser, hired by the Town and paid for by the Library to present options to preserve appropriate portions of the existing library building older than 1937. Appropriate items recommended, by the Commission, for preservation could include, the façade, pillars and roof line of the pre-1937 buildings.” You may read the full conditions of approval here.

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