Letter: A Different Approach To New Canaan Library’s Rebuilding Project

We’ve all seen so many letters and comments here about the plans for the new library—and still no one’s really working together to resolve the few sticky issues that remain. I’ve been a happy card-carrying patron of the New Canaan Library since 1965. Always a great place to go, it helped me get through Center School, Saxe, New Canaan High School, college, grad school, job searches, and parenthood (books for my kids), and it has helped me to explore fiction and non-fiction, lectures, films, and exhibits. So I’m a fan, and I certainly appreciate how a good library is an active part of a vibrant downtown. That’s why the debate concerning the library’s recently announced decision to demolish its original 1913 building is so dismaying.

Back To School: Beginnings, Endings, and Beginnings

Today’s the first day of school in New Canaan. From pre-kindergarteners to high school seniors, 4,241 kids are filing into East, South, West, Saxe, and New Canaan High School, and—ready or not—another school year gets underway. Or so I imagine. For the first time since 1998, my wife and I won’t have a student in the local school system. Our daughter, Emma, graduated from NCHS in 2011, and our son, Alex, just graduated this past June.