Letter: Support New Library Plan

On February 26, I attended the joint open town forum of the New Canaan Town Council and Board of Finance. There were several agenda items, chief among which was the proposal to build a new town library. The town officials invited comments from any interested townspeople, and there were numerous speakers who expressed opinions about most aspects of the project, particularly its design relative to the “1913 Library.” Among the speakers were Robert Butman, president of the New Canaan Library Board, and Lisa Oldham, executive director of the library. Without getting into detail, the comments expressed during this forum highlighted the many important, interwoven considerations underlying the decision to construct a new library. Among these were included historical, architectural, practical, functional, aesthetic, financial and community impact. Because of these multiple influences, the current proposal has been many years in the making  Among those who developed it were several successive library Boards over the past decade. All of these Boards were carefully selected, taking into consideration their capabilities, experience, and dedication to the library and town. In addition, it is public knowledge that, along the way, the library retained Centerbrook Architects, which has extensive experience in library design. At this point, the library has had the benefit of input from engineers, architects, focus groups and a multitude of users over many years. My sense is that we would all be best served by following the recommendations of the folks who are closest to the situation.