Letter: Community Is ‘Working Out Differences’ on Waveny’s Oenoke Ridge Proposal

New Canaan has a strong sense of community. It’s a community of similar goals and values, with respect for the richness of different opinions within the community. The Planning & Zoning discussion about whether or not to allow Waveny LifeCare Network to go forward with the proposed senior independent living housing on Oenoke is an example of the community working out differences. I’ve been in New Canaan for eight decades—I know that sounds wrong, but if you count them up starting with the decade of the ’40s, that’s eight decades; and if you add Beecher into that same version of counting that adds up to 16 decades. The reason people move here and stay here is because the New Canaan community historically has demonstrated respect for fellow humans—and as Tom Butterworth put it (more eloquently than I), which is more important: the view on a particular corner or the whole community?