Op-Ed: Financial Support for Our Schools During Uncertain Times

First, let me compliment the Board of Education and the School administration for their management and leadership over the last six months in the face of this terrible health crisis. They have done an amazing job. We enter this new fiscal year and school year with more uncertainty than ever. Will the schools open only to close in a few weeks or months? Will our enrollment continue to grow? How will the school schedules change should circumstances also change?

Chair: Annual Update from Board of Finance

As the Board of Finance does each year, this is an update on our current budget and tax projections as we close out our 2019/2020 budget on June 30th as well as an overview of our new 2020/2021 budget that begins on July 1st. As always, and especially this year, I can never thank our volunteers across the town, our town employees, our volunteers on many Boards and Commissions, our Town Council, our Board of Education, and our First Selectman enough – they make an incredible effort on our behalf in order to keep our town in great shape in every way. And while that is always true, the past 100 days have truly stressed the system. But our town response has been overwhelmingly positive, from our schools, our residents, the donations people have made, and all the volunteer help across the town. An extra grateful thank you to the volunteers and healthcare workers who have gone above and beyond to support our community and our region.