Biz on Biz: Halo Studios Loves Mrs. Green’s Juices and Smoothies


On a recent afternoon I popped my head into Halo Studios, over on Grove Street, to see what they find to be the best New Canaan product or service around, the basis of our “Biz on Biz” feature on I spoke to Halo office manager, personal trainer, and massage therapist Charlotte Zabrodsky about what local business she thinks deserves to be recognized for their greatness.

Zabrodsky said that Mrs. Green’s juices and smoothies are worth a look, specifically employee and juice/smoothie connoisseur, Lisa Tamburri, have performed spectacularly in creating unique and delicious juices and smoothies.

Lisa Tamburri preparing a crowd favorite smoothie, the Berry Kombucha. Credit: Maura Kelley.

Lisa Tamburri preparing a crowd favorite smoothie, the Berry Kombucha. Credit: Maura Kelley.

“My favorite place, which I’ve been finding myself going to almost every day is Mrs. Green’s because Lisa makes the best smoothies,”Zabrodsky said. “They’re really good because you can customize them and the other day I asked for a completely random ingredient that she didn’t have directly in front of her and she went out of her way to go and find it in one of the aisles which I thought was a very thoughtful gesture.”

The service is indeed as great as she described. After our conversation, I stopped by the juice and smoothie counter at Mrs. Green’s to speak with Tamburri herself about her juice and smoothie creations.

“I just love that I get to create a new smoothie and juice every single day and I just come up with different ideas and blends in my head and the customers always enjoy it,” Tamburri said. “My culinary background helps with the different variety of products but I just love creating different things and then having the great reaction of the customer always makes me feel really good.”

Tamburri said she studied at the Connecticut Culinary Institute in Suffield for a year and a half, then graduating in 2005. After this, she found herself working at a variety of different restaurants, hotels and conference centers, as well as New Canaan’s own psychiatric hospital, Silver Hill.

After Silver Hill she came to Mrs. Green’s and has said that she loves the atmosphere of using the whole store as her “palette” to create anything she wants.

“It truly is a chef’s dream to be able to play with so many great ingredients and to have all of this at your fingertips,” Tamburri said.

3 thoughts on “Biz on Biz: Halo Studios Loves Mrs. Green’s Juices and Smoothies

  1. Lisa is one of my fav people at Mrs greens. She totally listens and caters to all her customers. She wants to make sure your happy and always goes the extra mile. Makes sure your green drink or smoothie is just how you like it! Special orders don’t upset her!!!! We are so lucky to finally have a juice bar in town and more choices when it comes to organic food as well!! I always shopped out of town for the most part, until Mrs greens opened. But icing on the cake is the wonderful service you get from Lisa!!!! Thrilled to see her get recognition! She is so deserving!!!

  2. Lisa makes the best smoothies, I only go when she is working, no one else can make the drinks taste as good as she makes them, she adds a special touch of love that makes it special and her nice smile and upbeat charm reminds me of back home down south! Thank you Lisa for all you do!!

  3. Lisa comes up
    With the best smoothie combinations, I’m looking forward to be the first one to buy her smoothie cookbook when it comes out, she has a lot of talent and I’m glad she is getting noticed! Rock on Lisa!!!

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