‘It’s Been Lovely’: Mike Buttery To Retire from New Canaan Post Office After 37 Years


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Mike Buttery is known to countless New Canaan residents.

Mike Buttery Credit: Connor Markey

A local post office worker for the past 37 years, the Newtown resident has spent decades commuting to New Canaan to help residents send mail and packages, buy stamps and access PO boxes.

Now, at 56, he is finally ready to retire.

“It’s been lovely, I really enjoyed working here,” Buttery told NewCanaanite.com on a recent morning.

Asked about his plans after retiring, Buttery said, “Not much, just enjoy retirement.”
He launched his U.S. Postal Service career in 1986, after a suggestion from his father.

“My father worked for the postal service, so he recommended it to me,” Buttery recalled.

He was at the New Canaan Post Office for decades when it was located at the corner of Pine and Park Streets, and spent his entire career in the Next Station To Heaven.

“Thirty-seven years right here,” he said with a smile.

43 thoughts on “‘It’s Been Lovely’: Mike Buttery To Retire from New Canaan Post Office After 37 Years

  1. Well guess what, not happening. I’m going to talk him out of it. He’s way too young and handsome and important to retire. And guess what, there no way he’s in his 50’s. Nope.

  2. Mike,
    We will miss you. PYou always had a smile for all of us! I wish you much happiness in your retirement and thank you for your many years of kind and professional service.

  3. Thank you for your courteous and professional service to all of us over the years. I forwarded this article to former New Canaan Postmaster Doug Carey.
    Mike, enjoy your well-deserved retirement. You will be missed!

  4. Mike- thanks for all you help over the years! We will miss seeing you , greeting us every time we come into the post office. Best of luck in your next chapter.

  5. Mike is the best! He always goes the extra mile to help, with a smile and kind word added in. I’ll miss him and I know so many others will, too. Best wishes to him for the future!

  6. I actually loved going to the post office – even if there were lines- because they usually led to Mike. Thank you for all your help these decades. You will be missed. And thank you for always taping shut my poorly packed boxes!!

  7. Know how much you’ll be missed. Always a cheery smile and often a quip about something I’ve done in town. Have been impressed you read the local newspaper and remember interesting things about your customers.
    Enjoy your retirement… do something really fun.

  8. Happy retirement, Mike! You will be missed!
    Thank you for your kind advice and helpfulness over the years. Very best wishes!!!

  9. All the best to you, Mike.
    You are such a welcoming person at the post office, and we will miss your big curly hair when you used to not cut it in the winter!!
    I used to go in carrying my babies on my hip and now they are 24 and 25 and they go in and remember you!
    Thank you for your service.

  10. Mike, Always a pleasure to see you during our many visits at the old and new post offices. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement to dive into the world of gardening.

  11. Mike, you are a New Canaan treasure – so efficient, positive and always with a welcoming smile. Good health and happiness for thus new chapter in your life…

  12. Mike you always made going to the post office more joyful! I moved Away five years ago but always will remember what great service you provided and were our favorite postal worker! Thank you and enjoy your retirement!

  13. Good Luck Mike….we always used to chat when I would bring in LP boxes to ship all over the world when I was selling my record collection!
    I also remember when you recommended I watch the movie “20 Feet From Stardom” about back up singers. Have not seen you in years since we moved to Stamford and I go to Camp Ave. You are remembered to me as a very caring postal worker and a super nice guy! All the best, Eugenie

  14. Mike,
    You have helped me so many times and always with a smile and a kind thing to say. Everyone in town will miss you. Wishing you all the best life has to offer as you begin the next chapter of your life.

  15. Mike’s truly a “First Class” person. Always great to see him even if I wasn’t getting in line and just collecting my POB mail. At such a young age, there’s time to start another career. The “Next Station to Heaven” will miss your service, smile and conversation. All the best my friend. Stevo, you’ve got some big shoes to fill!

  16. Congratulations on your retirement, Mike! Thank you for being so kind, friendly and helpful for all these years. We will miss you!!

  17. You’ve been at the New Canaan Post Office ever since I moved to town in 1996. Really going to miss your all your assistance and your smiling face!

  18. I agree with all the comments! Mike, you always are cheerful and helpful no matter how long the line. No ruffled feathers. Hope you enjoy yourself!

  19. Let me add my best wishes on your retirement. You have always been so helpful over your 37 years at the NCPO. You are the epitome of service with a smile, and then some.

  20. Thank you Mike – It’s been such a pleasure to smile with you and hear about your family along the way. I agree that you’re much to young to retire so I’m going to hope that we find you back in New Canaan – somewhere !!
    Until then, A big thank you and all my wishes for what ever you choose – where ever you and your family choose to be.

    Joby Gray

  21. Hard to believe I’ve known you for 37 years!
    You will really be missed, Mike. Here’s to your next 37 years!!! I just wish I was home to say goodbye.
    A big hug to you

  22. Always was a pleasure stopping in and having your assistance, Mike! Congratulations, and keep New Canaan in your thoughts. We will all miss you.

  23. Mike made everyone feel like his “favorite customer”. I’m sorry to miss the chance to say goodbye in person but wish you well in your next endeavor. Keep us “posted”!

  24. Oh no Mike — I’m glad you get to retire and enjoy a whole new bunch of activities, but you will be very much missed! Always great chatting with you – the personal touch is so often missing these days and you provided it well.
    All the best!

  25. I’ll miss our chats Mike, always happy to land at your space. Good luck in your next adventure, hope we run into each some time in the future.
    The Best to You

  26. Mike,
    So sorry to see you leave us! I always enjoyed catching up with you over the years…you were a delight to work with! look me up on your next trip to Barbados!

  27. Congratulations to you Mike though you will be sorely missed. Always so pleasant and calm in the most stressful of circumstances. My Mom will definitely miss you too. Enjoy life my friend and thank you for all of those commutes to care for us over the years!!!

  28. Mike! Thank you for always greeting me with a smile! You were always so welcoming and cheerful! You will be missed! Congrats on your retirement! Enjoy and God Bless!

  29. Mike! How I’m going to miss you! I think I’m too late to say goodbye in person, but thank you for your smiles, your kind words, and making going to the post office something to look forward to! (Ducky’s mom)

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