3 thoughts on “Letter: Don’t Rush New Canaan’s Budget Vote

  1. Thank you, Betty for your crystal clear analysis and recommendations on the Town’s budget and the library issue. Your advice for our town leaders is intelligent, prudent and responsible. Next steps must unambiguously benefit ALL New Canaan citizens, taxpayers and businesses. There is no worthy explanation or argument for taking steps that would do otherwise.

  2. Betty’s thoughtful and well researched letter makes good $$$$ and sense. It is very difficult for the public to be involved in these important budget meetings – despite valiant efforts to perfect the use of Zoom and NCTV79 .

    Thanks Betty for a good idea!

  3. Thank You Betty, Your letter is well thought out and presents a very logical need to reassess our towns budget. So much has changed in our lives and our town that to move forward with a budget that completely ignores all of the new hardships faced by our community (Residents, Businesses and Employees) seems somewhat irresponsible.

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