Letter: ‘Thank You’ from the Exchange Club


We want to thank the New Canaan community and residents from nearby towns for buying Christmas trees & wreaths from our 50th annual fundraiser in Kiwanis Park. We were also pleased to see many adults and children attending our annual Lou Moreno Tree Lighting ceremony on December 2.

The Exchange Club of New Canaan had a record year with 1,300 Christmas trees, 2,000 wreaths, plus roping and other seasonal merchandise sold. We netted nearly $100,000, which we’ll distribute to local non-profit and community organizations later this year.

We could not have been successful without the help from many organizations including the Service League of Boys (SLOBs), the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Pivot Ministries, the Shepherds, the NC Recreation Department, the Chamber of Commerce, Old Faithful, First Selectman (and Exchange Club member) Kevin Moynihan, and Wisdom, our watchdog.

We’ll begin our annual Grants and Donations process in March. Traditionally, our largest benefactor is the Exchange Club Parenting Skills Center in Stamford, whose main focus is prevention of child abuse. In 2017, we also supported 27 other local organizations and helped fund college scholarships for deserving High School students.

For more details on who we support and on how to become a member, please visit our website at www.newcanaanexchangeclub.com.

Jeff Platt

President-Elect of the Exchange Club of New Canaan

Tree Lot Manager 2017

2 thoughts on “Letter: ‘Thank You’ from the Exchange Club

  1. Exchange Club, we thank you. Getting a tree at Kiwanis is a most pleasant and satisfying experience. There’s a wide range of tree sizes and types. There are pleasant, energetic volunteers to help us. It’s a New Canaan tradition that we love. And you’ve done it for decades, all the while helping most-deserving charities. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Peter…. we’ve had a record year thanks to you and the other great residents of our wonderful community. All the proceeds go to support more than two dozen local charities and scholarships for deserving High School students. This is a special year for the NC Exchange Club and it’s 120 members who volunteer each year to make the tree lot a success. Not only is it our 50th year of selling trees but we also are celebrating our 65th year as a club in New Canaan. We appreciate your support and the generosity of everyone in the community.

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