Letter: ‘Thank You’ to Local Volunteers

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It takes volunteers. 

Volunteers at Memorial Day to offer Buddy Poppies. Volunteers to give a gift for their Buddy Poppies. 

It took an Eagle Scout volunteer to identify and catalog all Veterans buried in Lakeview Cemetery. 

It took a Girl Scout volunteer to identify and catalog Veterans buried in the 13 private cemeteries in New Canaan. 

It took volunteers from the National Charity League to tie 1,100 bows on Christmas wreaths – in 22º temperature. 

It took volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 70, from CERT, from DAR, from Kiwanis, from the Exchange Club, from the Girl Scouts, from the New Canaan Fire Department and from our elected officials to place the 1,100 wreaths on all of the Veterans grave sites. 

It takes volunteers. Thanks to all who helped. 

Happy New Year to all. 

Peter C. Langenus
Commander, VFW Post 653

2 thoughts on “Letter: ‘Thank You’ to Local Volunteers

  1. And it takes a determined, selfless leader like Peter Langenus to make sure that all this happens year after year. Thank you, Sir.

  2. Yes! Heartfelt thanks to Peter Langenus and to all of you on his team who so generously devoted yourselves to honoring the memory of our veterans.

    My father proudly served in the Korean War and is laid to rest at Lakeview Cemetery. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that he’s remembered at Christmas time in such a moving and meaningful way.

    To the Eagle Scout, and the Girl Scout who gave untold hours to identify and catalog veteran names – you’re amazing! and very special people indeed.

    To the volunteers from the National Charity League – 1,100 bows!! Wow!
    Thinking of you tying a zillion red ribbons in 22 degrees I should feel the chill but i dont because you have sincerely warmed my heart.

    To everyone who laid those lovely wreaths with bright red bows on 1,100 graves, I’m so deeply moved by your kindness that i wish I could shake all your hands and thank you personally.

    To Peter Langenus,, your energy, vision, and endless devotion make this all happen every year. New Canaan is so lucky to have you and the magic you inspire.

    On behalf of my father, and my extended family, i thank each of you with my most grateful heart.

    Your time, effort and generosity of spirit have been an enormous and unforgettable gift to us all.

    Wishing you Peace and happiness in the coming year.

    Ninette Halpin

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