7 thoughts on “Letter: Three Ways Proposed Revaluation Punishes Condo Owners, Seniors 

  1. How can condo unit owners get involved as a group i.e.be represented by a President or anyone speaking for the entire condo

    • A New Canaan Condo Council has recently been formed. Contact your association president and urge him/ her to get involved.

  2. “Don’t tax you. Don’t tax me. Tax the guy behind the tree.”

    Assessments for property tax calculations are set at 70% of market value. (Not land or replacement value, not maintenance costs, not whether the owner has school age children.) If you feel that your assessment is too high, appeal using an appraisal based on comparable sale values. In a condo, the similarity between units makes it much easier to argue for a reduced assessment if other units have transacted a lower prices.

  3. There is a need for all condo owners to have a formalized meeting now. Discuss all issues as a group. There is strength in numbers.

  4. To Bill Murphy –
    Yo Murph, it’s very satisfying to note your involvement in all this very troubling exercise.
    Is our *favorite lady* involved?
    Thank you –


    PS When will we next meet? It’s been a while.

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