3 thoughts on “Letter: Time To Plan for Summer School in New Canaan

  1. Summer school is the last thing we need. There is not going to be a tremendous loss in education for grades K-8 from an online school perspective. I’d be more concerned about the high school students and how their transcripts will be perceived by colleges. I think that the board must come up with a plan that takes care of high school students. Whether that involves final testing in Aug before the school year starts or other alternatives, they should do better than a pass/fail grade.

  2. Interesting perspective and reminds me of the discussion on priorities with regards to changed school start times. I am not an educator by training, but now making a hopefully temporary vocational adjustment, but believe that much has been written on the critical early childhood aspect especially pre – 4th grade. Anyway my view is we need to prioritize all of our kids during this and remain flexible – that is why I suggest summer school. Who knows, if this virus comes back in the fall we may have to make adjustments then as well.

  3. Giacomo, thanks for your thoughtful insights as always. New Canaan’s remote learning system may be (and probably is) among the best in the country, but it would be naive to think that every child will do as well as they would with in-person learning. Summer school, at least on an optional basis, may be a critical piece of the puzzle. I’m not sure it would practical to make it mandatory for all students, but thankfully that decision is in capable hands. I couldn’t be more proud of our entire school staff, starting with their phenomenally good judgment about what’s best for our children.

    (As always, these are my personal opinions. I don’t speak here for the Town Council. )

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