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We learned that David Rivera, a former New Canaan police officer was sentenced on Monday in Waterbury Superior Court. He was charged with the death of numerous dogs at this Black Rock Canine training facility in Naugatuck.

Why should New Canaanites care about this?

Rivera only received three years of jail time for abusing and killing 10 dogs.

We should demand he receive more time.

Research conducted by the Humane Society of the United States and the FBI demonstrates that people who abuse animals go on to commit heinous crimes against people. The Columbine killers, David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam and Ted Bundy all had records of torturing or killing animals before they escalated to crimes against people.

No one is safe if David Rivera is back on our streets. We need to be the voice for all animals.

Demand justice!

Cathy Kangas

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  1. Thank you Cathy. I totally agree. His heinous acts against innocent helpless puppies goes beyond disgusting.

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