PHOTOS: New Canaan High School Post Prom [LIVE]

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Thanks to some very hard-working New Canaan High School parents, we’re pleased to announce that the wider community is invited to share and view Instagram “live” photos of Senior Prom (beforehand and Post Prom) through this continuously updating gallery (instructions below):

To share photos, students attending Post Prom (or parents with pre-Prom photos) should:

  1. Go here
  2. Log in with Instagram
  3. After joining the “SnapWidget” campaign, use a #NCHS2018Prom hashtag to share your photos in the gallery

Parents who wish to share pre-Prom photos should do the same. We’ve populated the grid with some Prom-related photos ahead of time. Bookmark this article page and check in later to view “live” photos from Post Prom.

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