Police Chief: Firearm Stolen During Burglary on Mortimer Street


On Feb. 15 at approximately 9 p.m., our department investigated the report of a residential burglary that occurred on Mortimer Street.

New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski

Both the main residence and a garage apartment were entered.

The garage apartment was unlocked and the main residence was forcibly entered.

Initial reports show that jewelry and a firearm were taken.

We urge all New Canaan residents to activate their alarm systems, secure all valuables, report suspicious persons or vehicles to our Department via 911 and follow the tips listed below.

Between December 2016 and February 2017, our Department has investigated several residential burglaries-these occurred on Gower Road, Rosebrook Road, Douglas Road and most recently on Mortimer Street. Other jurisdictions in Fairfield County have seen an increase in daytime burglaries.

Most burglars are not master criminals. They’re usually looking for an easy opportunity to get into a house without being seen.

Most of the burglaries that we investigate involve residences that are unlocked and/or where alarms systems are not set. Burglars love it when you make their job easier for them.

Here are some tips that will help you beat the burglars:

  • Be wary of unknown visitors: Always check the identity of visitors before admitting them to your home. Often unsolicited offers to perform work or inspections (chimney repairs, driveway repairs, utility company inspections, etc.) are scams or a ruse to commit a crime. Always contact our Department via 911 if you see suspicious persons or vehicles.
  • Be a good neighbor: Get to know your neighbors, watch out for them and report suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in your neighborhood immediately. Crime prevention is the best cure.
  • Don’t leave clues that you’re away: If you go on vacation never leave clues that you are away. Cancel newspaper deliveries and have someone pick-up your mail or have it held at the post office. Never leave a message on your answering machine telling people you aren’t home. Be careful of postings on social networks like Facebook—burglars monitor these sites to see if you are away.
  • Don’t let burglars hide: Keep bushes and trees well-trimmed away from the front of your home especially near doors and windows and along pathways. Hedges provide a hiding place for burglars to work behind.
  • Keys: Never leave the keys to your home or car inside a vehicle or in a place where a thief can find them. Keys placed under a doormat, flower pot, mailboxes or other “secret” hiding places may invite a burglary. Burglars know where to look for hidden keys.
  • Light up your home: At night, keep the perimeter of your home well lit. Low energy lighting switched on and off by photoelectric sensors (low light switches) is a cost-effective way to discourage burglars.
  • Lock up: Lock all doors and windows when you leave home, day or night, even for a short time. Burglars are opportunists and leaving a door or window open makes it easy for them.
  • Mark and secure valuables: Mark your valuables with a unique identifying number using permanent (visible) or ultra violet (invisible) marker pen. Inventory all valuable and/or unique items. Photographs and video or these items may help with recovery and insurance claims. Never leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Neighborhood watch: Work with your neighbors to improve security and reduce the risk of a burglary. Be the eyes and ears of the neighborhood-the most important thing you can do is call our Department to report a crime or anything suspicious.
  • Schedule a security survey: Contact our Department at 203-594-3512 to schedule a free security survey. A trained police officer will survey your residence or business and will give you tips on how to protect your property.
  • Security-video cameras: Consider installing a security/video camera that covers the interior/exterior of your residence and the street near it. The price point of good camera systems has dropped recently making this a wise investment.
  • Use your alarm system: Always activate your alarm system, even when you are at home, and whenever you leave your house—even for a short time. Many successful burglaries that occur in our Town involve houses that have alarm systems that were not activated.

Don’t give the burglar a chance. Follow our advice to help keep your home and valuables safe.

Be better informed, connected, and send anonymous tips to our Department by downloading the “MYPD” application in the iPhone or Android marketplace. After downloading the application search for “New Canaan” and get connected.

Follow us on Twitter@newcanaanpolice for crime alerts.

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  1. How was the firearm stored? It is so important for all of us that gun owners properly lock away their firearms in gun safes to keep them from getting into the wrong hands.

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