Registrar: September Sees Rise Among Registered Democratic, Unaffiliated Voters in New Canaan; Slight Decline in Republicans


New Canaan gained 83 registered voters in September—about half of them Democrats, while the Republicans have lost a handful of voters in the same period, according to the registrar of voters. 

Specifically, Democratic Registrar of Voters George Cody said, the Democrats gained roughly 40 voters in the month, while the Republicans lost six and about 50 people registered as unaffiliated. 

“And this balances out the people that have moved in and moved out and everything,” Cody told “So the number is going up. This is getting close to 100 people registering in September, so we will see what this month brings, probably just as busy.”

Asked whether next month’s election is driving the activity, Cody said, “Absolutely.” 

Here’s a breakdown of voter count in New Canaan as of Oct. 1:

New Canaan Voter Count—Oct. 1, 2018

By local voting district
*Source: New Canaan Registrar of Voters


Seats up for election on Nov. 6 include state legislators, governor and Congress. 

The local registrars have been busy. 

According to Cody, the registrars used a U.S. Postal Service tool to send out more than 250 notices to people who have moved into, out of and around within New Canaan that had not yet registered. The registrars also teamed up with the League of Women Voters on National Voter Registration Day last week to hold a voter registration session at New Canaan High School, and also has worked out of New Canaan Library. 

Here’s a snapshot at how the New Canaan electorate has changed since Election Day 2017:

New Canaan Electorate: Voter Registration Summary Year-Over-Year

Oct. 3, 20172,9576,5984,18911613,860
Oct. 1, 20182,9686,2854,37615113,798
*Source: Registrar of Voters


The Connecticut League of Women Voters on Oct. 21 will co-host a debate in Wilton for candidates for the state’s Fourth Congressional District with the local Wilton League. On Oct. 22, the New Canaan League of Women Voters will host its annual Candidates Debate. Click for more information.

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  1. WOW !!! Governor taking job at BC in Mass — is he moving?
    You can’t make this stuff up — no job in ct for Him
    you think he would have waited till after the elections
    to make this public

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