Registrar: September Sees Rise Among Registered Democratic, Unaffiliated Voters in New Canaan; Slight Decline in Republicans

New Canaan gained 83 registered voters in September—about half of them Democrats, while the Republicans have lost a handful of voters in the same period, according to the registrar of voters. 

Specifically, Democratic Registrar of Voters George Cody said, the Democrats gained roughly 40 voters in the month, while the Republicans lost six and about 50 people registered as unaffiliated. 

“And this balances out the people that have moved in and moved out and everything,” Cody told “So the number is going up. This is getting close to 100 people registering in September, so we will see what this month brings, probably just as busy.”

Asked whether next month’s election is driving the activity, Cody said, “Absolutely.” 

Here’s a breakdown of voter count in New Canaan as of Oct. 1:


Seats up for election on Nov. 6 include state legislators, governor and Congress. 

The local registrars have been busy. 

According to Cody, the registrars used a U.S. Postal Service tool to send out more than 250 notices to people who have moved into, out of and around within New Canaan that had not yet registered.

Registrar: September Is ‘Voter Registration Month’

September has been designated Voter Registration Month, with Tuesday September 26 as Voter Registration Day. The Registrars of Voters encourage all current and potential voters to review their status as to current address and other related voter information. Anyone wishing to register or update their address or other information may do so by mail or in person with either the Registrars of Voters or with the Town Clerk, both located in Town Hall. Anyone wishing to register, or to check their current information on-line, may do so at , or by calling the Registrars at 203-594-3060. It is important that residents correct their voting status in advance of the November 7, 2017 election.

Did You Hear … ?

The Summer Theatre of New Canaan kicked off its 2016 season on Friday evening with a Broadway Stars gala featuring Tony Award winner Kelli O’Hara, held at the Woodway Country Club. O’Hara was joined by fellow Broadway stars David Friedman, Robin de Jesus, Janelle Robinson, Jodi Stevens and Chip Zien. Scroll through the gallery above for images from the evening, including performances. ***

We’re hearing that Democratic Registrar of Voters George Cody won backing from New Canaan Democrats at Tuesday evening’s caucus, held at Town Hall. For the first time since his election to the office in 1994, Cody this time faced a challenger for the position, from fellow New Canaanite Bernard Simpkin.

For First Time in 22 Years, Challenger Emerges for Democratic Registrar of Voters

For the first time in 22 years, a challenger has emerged for the elected seat of New Canaan’s Democratic Registrar of Voters. Bernard Simpkin, a member of the New Canaan Housing Authority and treasurer of the Democratic Town Committee, is seeking his party’s backing at Tuesday’s caucus. Citing his experience in civic and elected positions and his rapid involvement in New Canaan since moving here relatively recently, Simpkin is seeking to unseat George Cody, who has held the position since 1994. “While I do not have ancestors that have been in this town—I have been in this town a little less than five years—yet I have been able to become a part of it and I am known and respected by people in town,” said Simpkin, 72, a Millport Avenue resident, who sits on the New Canaan Housing Authority Board and serves as treasurer of the DTC. “I have a lifetime of management and organizational skills as well as people skills, which I think are important.